Essays on Managing Information Technology: Veteran Administration and JetBlue Airways Case Study

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The paper "Managing Information Technology: Veteran Administration and JetBlue Airways" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. Information technology expansion has helped in the advancement of operations in most firms, particularly in database management. However, just like any other system, their failure has been found to cause considerable problems and some of the existing examples of these unfortunate incidents include the situations of JetBlue Airways as well as that of Veteran Administration in California, Case Study. These organizations experienced IT system failures and the manner in which the situations were handled depicted lack of proper if any, disaster recovery arrangements.

However, the firms managed to handle system disruption though the process took a rather long period of time compared to a situation whereby they would have been armed with backup procedures (Otim, Dow, Grover & Wong 2012, 162). Case study analysis It was in 2007 the month of August when the operational IT systems in Healthcare Center based in Northern California experienced a system outage resulting in a major disruption of service delivery for approximately 8hours. The IT systems experiencing the outage were the “ Veteran’ s Health Administration’ s venerable healthcare architecture” (VIstA) and “ Computerized Patient Record System” (CPRS).

This particular unfortunate occurrence was unexpected though, in accordance with a physician in the Veteran administration’ s testimony, the failure would be linked to particular changes made in the system with the intention of reinforcing IT operations as well as advancing system security. The IT system’ s failure was characterized by a number of occurrences including failure of two of its backup systems as well as inappropriate communication procedures that worsened the situation.

It was later realized that the main cause of system failure was an outage in the regional Data processing Unit. The parties involved believed that the situation would have been better if timely reporting was undertaken regarding the cause as well as the estimated downtime which unfortunately did not happen (O’ Brien 2012, 43).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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