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The following paper under the title 'The Job Analysis Process' is a wonderful example of a management assignment. Job analysis can be defined as the process of collecting information about the responsibilities, duties, outcomes, skills as well as the work environment relating to a particular job position. There are several activities associated with job analysis including conducting a review of the responsibilities of the employees who are currently holding those jobs, conducting internet research as well as reviewing sample job description either online or offline of similar jobs, highlighting the expected outcomes as well as the contributions required from people holding those positions and researching and sharing with other companies which have similar jobs.

Job analysis aims at placing employees where their skills can be best utilized as well as determining the needs of the new employees (Maren, 2005). Identification of the job purpose- for any process to be successful, its purpose must be identified and defined. The purpose of this step is to determine the job’ s needs and desired output. Spending energy, human effort, and money is useless until the human resource manager why data is being collected and what is to be done with it Who will conduct the job analysis: this step involves deciding who will conduct the job analysis.

Some organizations may hire job analysis consultants while others prefer it done by their HR department. Job consultants are very useful in conducting job analysis as they offer unbiased advice, guideline, and methods, they don’ t have personal like or dislike when it comes to analyzing a job How to conduct the process: this involves deciding in which job analysis process needs to be conducted, a planned approach about how to carry the whole process is required in order to investigate a specific job Strategic Decision Making: This is all about deciding the extent of the employee involvement in the process, the level details to be collected and recorded, source from where data is to collect, data collection methods, the processing of information and segregating of collected data Training of job analyst: this step involves training the job analyst on how to conduct the process as well as use the selected methods for collection and recording of job data Preparation of Job Analysis Process: in this step, the HR manager is required to communicate the entire process of job analysis to the employees so that they can offer their full support to the job analyst.

This step involves preparing a document such as questionnaires, interviews as well as the feedback formsThis step involves collecting job-related data such as education qualification of the employees, ability, and skill needed to perform the job, reporting hierarchy, job activities, duties and responsibilities involved, required human traits and employee behavior  Documentation, verification, and Review: This step involves documentation the data collected, verifying its authenticity and then reviewing it, this is the final information that is used to describe a specific jobDeveloping job description and job specification: now we will put the collected data into useful information to develop a job description and job specification.

the job description describes roles, duties and responsibilities, activity, of the job Moreover, we will this data to outline a job while job specification is a statement of education qualification, experience, personal traits, and skills required to perform the job.

Therefore, the process of job analysis assists in identifying the worth of a specific job, eliminating unneeded jobs, and setting realistic performance measurement standards as well as utilizing the human talent in the best possible manner.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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