Essays on Integrated Marketing and Communication Perspective Case Study

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The paper "Integrated Marketing and Communication Perspective" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. There are different online business models that can help a business to increase its revenue as well as its sales. Given the current growth of technology in the business world, it is becoming important for businesses to embrace technology and especially the internet while engaging in business (Turban, King and Lang 2011). The online business models vary as per their advantages and appropriateness to the customers which means the business models that are highly beneficial to a business are selected.

The business models also serve different purposes as per the company’ s objectives and goals intended to be achieved. The online business model that I would request for use by Cool Travels is the Niche Site. A niche site is a website designed so as to target a particular given market in an economy. A niche site also limits its focus on only one product of a certain company so as to increase its sales and acceptability among the target market (Turban, King and Lang 2011).

The reasons behind the selection of a niche site is that it is easy to use and given that the company’ s customers are frequent internet users it will be easy to capture them while they are online. This will also extend to other internet users who are not their customers and this will enable the company to convert them into their customers. The model is very cheap as compared to other business models because it does not require maintenance and frequent updating which will lead to an increase in company’ s cost which will reduce its revenue or even its sales.

The company can use their niche site as a platform for advertisement for other companies which will enable the company earn extra revenue (Turban, King and Lang 2011). This extra revenue can be used to expand the company’ s scope through increased resources. The niche sites are also easy to use to the customers because they only need to type the keywords and they will have all the information they require. This will help increase the traffic of users on this site which leads to high ranking in the search engines which will enable many people to visit the site out of curiosity.

The niche sites that rank at the top on the search engines gain extra income and this will be beneficial to the company because it will be double profit resulting from gaining new customers to having payments for the use of their site. The niche sites also do not require any marketing or to keep on generating new content as it is the case with other business models (Turban, King and Lang 2011).

A niche site is an onetime creation that will continuously earn income and new customers to the company. The challenge of using a niche site is that it requires a lot of research before setting so as to give the customers the right and attractive information that will help them trust the company. This research is very expensive and it at times drains the company’ s resources. Niche site may also get stale as a result of failure to update information because customers may find it boring to read the same information all the time (Turban, King and Lang 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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