Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility As One of the Techniques Assignment

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The paper "Corporate Social Responsibility As One of the Techniques" is a wonderful example of a Business Assignment. Apple Inc. conducts its business operations in a very huge macro-environment that comprises of forces that shape its opportunities and at the same time cause threats to the company. The operation of the Apple Company is influenced by the trends in the macro-environment, which include economic, demographic, technological and natural trends (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel 2012). Trends in the economic environment that Apple has to be aware of concern about the purchasing power for consumers and their spending patterns.

Currently, consumers are conscious about what they consume and they are very careful when they shop for products (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel 2012). This implies that Apple should practice value marketing by ensuring that it provides its consumers with more value for their money (Keller 2009). Income distribution is also an important aspect of an economic environment that Apple should watch. Unequal distribution of income has divided consumers into two main categories; affluent and less affluent consumers with different preferences. In addition, consumers’ spending pattern is inclined most towards housing, food, and transportation (Dobbins 2003).

Therefore, it is necessary for Apple to continue monitoring the changes in the economy to get on with the trend. There is a continuous alteration in the demographic environment in terms of age, occupation, sex, and size of the population, which constitute markets for products and services for Apple Company. As the world population grows, new markets emerge whose needs should be met (Banham 2010). There is also a change in the age structure of the population, for instance, an increase in life expectancy and a rise in baby boomers as well as Echo Boomers who form the kid and teen markets.

This generation, also known as Net-Gens prefers to be associated with digital, computer, and internet technology (Zainbooks 2013). Changes in the demographic environment, more so, in the generation implies that Apple may utilize generational marketing, but it should do it with caution to evade generational alienation. Forces in the technological environment comprise of those that lead to the creation of new products, new technologies and new market opportunities (Kington, Chapman, Clarke & Beesley 2012).

Apple must-watch trends in the technological environment to maintain its competitive edge in the Commercial Electronics Industry. There is a high rate of technological change and products are often outdated by technology (Banham 2010). The challenge to Apple may not actually be technical, but more commercial which involves manufacturing practical and affordable versions of its product categories that are in line with technology (Zainbooks 2013). This implies that Apple should always be conscious of emerging regulations regarding individual privacy, product safety and others that have an impact on technological changes. The natural environment is another significant factor that affects the operations of Apple Company.

Natural environment constitutes natural resources that the company should safeguard when conducting its marketing activities (Zainbooks 2013). The issue of environment has increased for the past two decades and the company has to adjust its operations to meet these concerns (Lee & Carter 2011). Particular areas of concern for Apple include increased pollution and environmental sustainability. Pollution is an issue that affects the whole world as some industries across the world damage the environment through their business practices.

Companies that are far-sighted like Apple try to conduct business in a way that is environmentally friendly by manufacturing products that are safe and recyclable (Zainbooks 2013). The green movement requires companies including Apple to use production strategies that are both friendly and proactive to the environment in which they operate. In this regard, Apple should recognize the existing connection between a healthy environment and a health economy to be able to maintain environment sustainability.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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