Essays on Alignment of Business Strategy with Business Environment Case Study

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The paper "Alignment of Business Strategy with Business Environment" Is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. This report looks at analyzing the different issues which GE is facing and the manner in which Jeff Immelt has looked towards developing strategies so that the different objectives can be achieved. The report focuses on three major aspects which are the identification of the issues and problems, analysis and evaluation of the problems, and providing recommendations so that the overall performance can be improved. This will help GE to work in the right direction and adopt a proper mechanism that is aimed towards developing the business process towards achieving maximum effectiveness. Issues and Problems GE is facing problems that need to be analyzed and strategies have to be developed so that a process which looks towards finding different alternatives can be ensured.

Some of the different issues which have been identified to be associated with GE areas One of the issues surrounding GE is that after Jeff Immelt has taken over as CEO the business has been facing turbulent times which has affected the growth and profitability of the business and is an area that needs to be looked at.

Since the business is continuously witnessing a change and is moving downwards so it is imperative that appropriate strategies which will look towards are developed The manner in which environmental pollution is rising has increased concerns in that direction. Organizations are required to undertake strategies that will be aimed towards a greener and environmentally friendly solution that needs to be undertaken so that better functioning can be carried out. The other issue surrounding GE is the manner in which the business strategy which needs to undergo change has to be inclined with the business environment and business needs.

This will require major ramifications and the long term impact of such a decision is unknown and thereby needs to be properly analyzed so that an appropriate strategy can be developed based on it Analysis & Evaluation This section will look to evaluate the problem and provide a comprehensive analysis so that the manner in which the business is being impacted can be understood. This will help to develop appropriate strategies and will act as a framework for future development.

The analysis and evaluation of different alternatives areas The manner in which Jeff Immelt redirected the strategy of GE Jeff Immelt since taking the role of the CEO in 2001 has brought about major changes in the manner GE works and has transformed their business into new heights. Immelt has been able to transform the business by entering into emerging markets and becoming a pioneer in technological innovation and environmental solutions. GE under his leadership was able to recognize the manner in which the different scope which is available to green technology, investing in technology, and cleaner environment were added to the product portfolio.

This has thereby helped to bring the required change and provided a new opportunities through which business prospects can be developed. In 2005 Immelt started a project Ecomagination which was aimed towards building cleaner energy technology. Since the entire world was witnessing increased pressure with regard to rising pollution levels and controlling those was imperative. Immelt had adopted steps in the same direction and being able to visualize the changes which were required in the future ensuring that the organization was ahead in comparison to others and was able to develop and grow its business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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