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The paper "Organizational Information System" is an amazing example of a Business essay. Based on the evidence provided by the case study, the experience of the Atlanta-based airline and London-based airline illustrates the interdependence of business strategies, business processes, business environment, and application of information systems. The two airlines had different business strategies and approaches to using information systems, which meant a thin line between Professor Mcpherson’ s satisfactions and dissatisfactions. Atlanta-based airline focused on creating synergies in its business processes using information systems. Indeed, the case illustrates the role of business information systems in the coordination of business operations. Case analysis   As noted in the case, Information technology-facilitated flattening of organizational hierarchies at Atlanta-based airlines.

It pushed the right to make decisions to the lower-level staff (gate agents) in London, allowing them to receive the information they required to make decisions on how to connect McPherson to Frankfurt. Atlanta-based airline’ s operation in London also received more accurate and timely information than London-based airline. This enabled it to make faster decisions leading its staff to relieve Professor McPherson of his London-to-Frankfurt ticket and London boarding pass and to issue him an Atlanta-based airline ticket. From the critical analysis, Atlanta-based airline used information systems to beat competition from London-based airlines by increasing the value of its services in the eyes of Professor McPherson.

In this, regards, Information systems, which is made up of the management, the airline (organization), and technology, allowed Atlanta-based airline to do away with redundant systems and to improve business processes. Ultimately, it was able to overcome competition from London-based airline and to increase overall sales (See Figure 1). Figure 1: Information system and values to Atlanta-based airlines   Customer perceptions From the beginning, Professor McPherson made several assumptions on information technology support at the London-based airline.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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