Essays on Organizational Behavior Concepts Case Study

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The paper "Organizational Behavior Concepts" Is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. Organizational behavior broadly describes the study of individuals plus different group dynamics within an organizational setting. People intermingle from time to time; there are a lot of things that come to play. Organizational studies attempt to recognize as well model all the aspects surrounding such interactions. In general, organizational behaviour seeks to underline superior comprehension of behaviours in different organizations so as to build up capability to predict the likelihood of how people will conduct themselves. The understanding of organizational behaviour assists in managing behaviours that are not proper and in tandem with the objectives of that particular organization.

Each employee’ s character comes into centre play in gauging their occupational behaviour. It is among the key criterion in employee selection, promotion and numerous other developmental features. Generally organizations can apply combinations of various techniques in order to weigh up a number of character traits that are most fitting to work requirements (Cole, 2000; Fred, 1995). The problems George encountered at ABC consulting are associated with work motivation. Nearly all the problems he faced happened little by little owing to the loss of push that would be physiological and/or mental.

George was short of the impetus that would trigger his behavior and drive aimed at achieving a target. Also, George did not have several needs which were probably the vents that would channel and also control his flow of the required energy pool. George was not adequately developed in his job as his job was not finely redesigned by the HR. He was not presented with the occasions that would boost credit in achievement, accountability, and growth.

George was not wholly offered the job filling that would augment his broad deployment of skills and a view for maturity with a complete component of work plus increased authority. In addition, George lacked flexi-time; the arrangement of the company did not permit the employees to have power over their work based on their to-do list. In essence for the duration of the ‘ ’ core time” , the employees ought to be compulsorily accessible whereas during the “ flexitime” individuals are at liberty to decide and do their own things at their own suitable time (Fred, 1995). Another big setback that is experienced in ABC Consulting is the inadequately laid framework of the Employee Stock Ownership.

A good quality outline of Employee Stock Ownership is one of the most excellent tools used to keep hold of and inspire employees in various business organizations. Employee Stock Ownership is a benefit plan for employees whereby they are offered the company’ s stock as a piece of their individual benefits package. In view of the fact that George was deprived of this additional benefit after being assured of the same three months earlier; this greatly slowed down the provision of his services to the ABC Consulting.

Poor leadership is another major problem manifested to George at ABC Consulting Limited. Leadership is basically a process of management. It is generally viewed as either being potential or actual. In ABC Consulting, company leadership by the top administration was not proficient as much as necessary for the employees as viewed by the manner in which they handled George (Cole, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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