Essays on Romeos Disclosure of the Firms Confidential Information Case Study

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The paper "Romeo’ s Disclosure of the Firm’ s Confidential Information" is a great example of a management case study.   The main aim of this report is to reflect on various decisions made at my place of work and the consequences they had on the team members and the firm as a whole. The paper will utilize appropriate theories and models of decision making in analyzing the decisions that had to be made and the issues that lead to the decisions being made. Additionally, the reasons as to why the issues arose and how different they should have been handled will be discussed. I work with an auditing firm as one of the assistants to the project manager.

Our project manager had attended a conference on corporate social responsibility in Dublin. The conference was to last for one whole week and this called for someone to be left in charge of the project. I came out as the favored candidate to hold this position since Romeo, the other assistant and my close friend, had continually shown laxities in his job. The decision by the manager was inspired by various factors and issues and had implications on all the members of the group. The project manager spelt out all the issues I had to handle and she particularly insisted that I see to it that a contract presentation to certain important clients is delivered appropriately.

She pointed out that the contract was worth a lot of money and could be the basis of the company’ s success in the future. She also pointed out that a rival company was to present a contract to the same clients to.

Her decision to have me as the head of the team was inspired by my hard work and the belief she had in me despite my being new to the company. The contract and her decision formed the basis of other decisions that followed. The decisions The first decision The first decision involved Avril, the project manager. She was to attend a meeting in Dublin and therefore had to leave someone in charge. Her decision to have me as the acting project manager was deemed necessary since the contract presentation was due in the same week that she would be away at the conference.

She saw it fit that I will be in charge of the team since Romeo, who had more experience and seemed more favorable was showing disinterest in his job by coming late and continuously having long lunch breaks. This was a clear indication that he was not ready to take up the role of project manager given the seriousness it called for. This decision was rather rational. The rational model of decision making assumes that all information is available and that the decision-maker has only one objective.

In addition to that, it assumes that his/ her objectives are in line with those of the firm. In this case, Avril’ s main objective was to have the contract presentation done successfully and to have the team’ s psyche and morale boosted. In addition to that, her other objectives were to ensure that the firm is a success and this could be done by winning the contract and ensuring that the workers are motivated and psyched up. Lastly, before making her decision, she had two alternatives to choose from.

The alternatives were me and Romeo.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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