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The paper "Mountainview Country Club Analysis" is a great example of a finance and accounting case study. Mountainview Country Club was among the best-ranked businesses in the Rocky Mountains primarily due to its amicable location and the way it had a combination of the fun activities as well as the luxury townhomes. The leaders are hands-off from the activities that go on in the club as far as management is concerned and has instead depended on the hired professionals to run everything in the club. Out of all the professionals, Sandi Lane seems to be the sane and professional accountant who has the objective of getting things to order as far as the accounting is concerned, but she is faced with ethical dilemmas in the end.

The paper will analyze this case study taking different aspects into consideration like ethics, fraud, competitive environment, and various aspects of the business model. Competitive Environment of the Company The Mountainview Country Club belongs to the hospitality industry and has some competitors who are in the same industry as well. Some of these competitors include the Forest Glen Country Club, Briarwood Country Club, and the Rivers Catering.

Sandi Lane had worked in all of these places as an accountant before. Although all of these companies are smaller as compared to the Mountainview Country Club, their accounting and management were at least in order as compared to the Mountainview management which puts Mountainview at risk in the long run if things remain the same. Success Factors Various success factors have resulted in the expansion and growth of the company the way it has. Among them is the location where it was located near the Rocky Mountains, and the visitors could view the mountain as they visit it.

The club also incorporated some luxurious residential suites which then attracts a wider customer base. Its pricing was also different for various products and services including the residential homes in the club. These allowed the customers to obtain something that they needed at the prices that they were comfortable with. Utilizing the logo and the name of the well-known Mountainview University assisted them significantly when it comes to their branding and marketing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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