Essays on The Queen: Are We 'Hard Wired' or Can We Change Assignment

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The paper "The Queen: Are We 'Hard Wired' or Can We Change? " is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. The Queen case study presents an accurate analysis of why change is important and why people find it difficult to adapt to change. It further suggests how one can accept change in a logical manner. Change is important to move forward in life. Had this not been the case, perhaps humans would have still been living in caves! However, accepting change can be difficult as well as a time-consuming process. In order to be successful in life, it is imperative to accept change and mold ourselves according to the changing circumstances around us. This report attempts to answer the questions pertaining to change based upon the reflections made in the Queen case study. Why individuals find change difficult to achieve: Accepting any personal change is perhaps the most difficult form of change to accept.

The hurdles in achieving a personal change may range from personal apprehensions to the problems that one may face during the change process. For example, a person used to working on Windows may be extremely apprehensive about switching to another operating system.

The reason behind this reluctance could be the comfort level that the individual has developed for using Windows. Also, the anxiety of how he would fare with the new system could be a deterrent in accepting the new change. Moreover, people find it extremely difficult to get over or modify the habits that they might have practiced for years together. These habits could be as simple as our getting up time every morning or more complex ones like our daily job routine.

Most people would go to any length to resist any alteration to their everyday habits. (Gloria Hamilten, Difficulty Accepting Change in the Workplace)This is what the Queen study refers to as being hard-wired. Our preference for a certain way of living may be so strong that we would be completely unwilling to even hear of may change to it. In other words, we are so much hard-wired to our daily habits that our flexibility to accept change may be reduced to zero.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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