Essays on Interview Questions and Ideal Answers and Induction Plan Coursework

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The paper 'Interview Questions and Ideal Answers and Induction Plan" is a perfect example of business coursework.   In terms of my work experience in the hotel industry I offer a solid waiters/waitress background that includes having a Diploma in Hospitality and Management from Maryland Polytechnic (Corfield 2009), in terms of my personal attributes I am hardworking, honest, and ambitious, can work under pressure, social and reliable, and I really enjoy this field of waiter/waitresses of work. On a personal note, I love making friends, watching basketball in my free time and doing volunteer work.

I have settled in this area and I’ m looking forward to working for a hotel such as this one (Corfield 2009). The purpose for this question is to put the interviewer at ease, to learn from the interviewer why he/she should be hired, to find out what the interviewer can offer to the employer or if it is on personal concern that family business may interfere with the job which the interviewer will be offered, and lastly to learn little about interviewer background and his/her qualifications in the stated job. Q2.

Tell us about your experience in waiter/ waitress? “ If the interviewer has experienced: “ yes, I worked at Next Generation Restaurant from 20th March 2005 to 20 March 2011. The duties I performed were serving drinks and food, assisting customers with their movements, booking and making the program for other staffs. While the achievements were able to serve 50 customers in one hour, my training in this field includes Public Relations (PR) and serving customers” . The purpose of this question is to find out if the interviewer has the relevant experience to do the work, it is important to hire someone with experience because they are the ones who will be in contact with the customers at all the times if the customers are happy the Restaurant will prosper (Corfield 2009). Q3.

What made you want to work for this restaurant? “ Your Restaurants in other cities has a reputation for giving good services, and are well known. I am really interested in utilizing waiter/waitress skills I have gained in the last five years while growing with the Restaurant” . The purpose of this question is to find out if the interviewer likes about the restaurant and if he would stay when he/she has been employed.

Secondly, to see if the interview has the relevant qualifications that fit the new Restaurant requirements and approach. Lastly, to find out from the interview if he/she is genuinely interested in contributing to the Restaurant or he/she wants the security or prestige they offer. Q4. Describe the type of people who irritates you and find difficult to work within a task? ” In my last for jobs as a waiter/waitress I have worked with people from diverse background and cultures, the only time I experience a problem in my line of work was with men or women who are dishonest and not giving their best about work issues.

There this instance I worked with a man who was taking credit for what his team had accomplished, I had an opportunity to talk with that man tell him that what he was doing was affecting others employees morale in the restaurant. He took it positively and his behavior changed after we talk the issue” .



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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