Essays on Comparison of and Topshop Fashion Retailers Case Study

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The paper "Comparison of ASOS. com and Topshop Fashion Retailers" is a great example of a business case study,   The two companies Topshop and ASOS. com deal with fashion and beauty products and greatly dominate in the market of fashion in the United Kingdom (Ganahl and Louisa 2009). Topshop is the oldest and was established in 1964 is a subsidiary of Arcadia Group while the ASOS. com was launched at the start of 21st century in 2000 with headquarters located in North London in a town known as Camden. ASOS. com is a company which retails its beauty and fashion products through the use of online services commands the greatest share in the online fashion market with more than 30,000 products which have its label as well as being branded.

This command in the online market is evident through the visitors who visit its website who are close to 7 million as well as the registered members who are about 3 million users (Ganahl and Louisa 2009). The founder of ASOS which primarily means “ As seen on Screen” Nick Robertson had a great idea on developing the market with his business partner Quentin Griffiths which he could have been borrowed for his great grandfather who at one time a success in the tailor in the united kingdom with the Austin Reed which was a famous store chain. The target market for the ASOS. com is mainly the young group of people who are between the ages of 16 to the age of 35 who are usually influenced by new fashions in the market.

Prospective customers of ASOS. com are usually provided with a variety of only one of its kind features when they visit the website such as videos of individual models who catwalk with the clothing which can be found on the internet (Ganahl and Louisa 2009).

The website of ASOS. com shows that there is a fashion blog with updates of articles related to the industry of entertainment as well a link of clothes being posted on the main site of retailing. Topshop which commands authority on certain styles has had great success since its inception in 1964. The Topshop at times does not operate exactly as the ASOS. com since it has more than 300 physical stores being located in the United Kingdom as well as similar stores being established across the world.

While the ASOS. com has an influence on the online fashion world, Topshop has an influence of the same magnitude physically by the fact that it attracts more than 200,000 who are knowledgeable style customers almost every week, and this makes it be the principal fashion store in the world (Ganahl and Louisa 2009). Mainly Topshop targets the students who have given it a recommendable reputation. The Topshop has pioneered the fashion world in Britain on the high street through notable reputation earned through its individuality. The two fashion companies Topshop and ASOS. com have restructured their goals and values to fit in the changing world of technology (Ganahl and Louisa 2009). The Topshop has put in to place the use of podcasts in its online operations as well as ensuring that there are daily blogs as a way of revamping its website and this has given it way in repositioning its strategy of how it operates its website to remain as the second-largest store in the United Kingdom.

This reposition has occurred as a result of the general overhaul of all main websites of the Arcadia Group. The website of the fashion company Topshop has been allocated a fresh team of strong members to manage it and this is aimed at producing excellent results in online operations of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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