Essays on News of the Worlds Phone-hacking Scandal Case Study

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The paper "News of the World’ s Phone-hacking Scandal" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. In 2003, the British police become aware of criminal activities by a private detective, Steve Whittamore. Whittamore was supplying British newspapers with private information he got by bribing public officials including the police. Whittamore’ s clients included the biggest newspapers in Britain. The most notable of them was News of the World. The investigations into the issue and possible prosecution took a snail pace until in 2005 when it became clear to the metropolitan police that Clive Goodman a correspondent at News of the World had accessed information from the mobile phones of Prince Harry and William.

Goodman was receiving this information from another private detective, Glenn Mulcare who was on News of the World payroll. News International headquarters was raided and a great deal of evidence confiscated. Despite the police having massive evidence, little was done to make the culprits face the law. What followed then was well-negotiated cover-ups by News International to ensure that Goodman and Mulcare don’ t expose the phone-hacking activities by News international (Manne, 2012). Having successfully covered up the phone-hacking activities by paying its former detectives, News internationals had thought the story was over only for guardian journalist Nick Davies to expose the News International cover-up in July 2009 (House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, 2012).

Once again there was renewed interest into the phone-hacking scandal and News International was at the center of the storm again. This time around the victims of phone hacking were revealed and many of them being celebrities and politicians filed a series of lawsuits against the criminal activities by News international.

The journalist allegedly got support from their seniors (Ellison, 2011). In the face of cutthroat competition businesses in today’ s world are faced with an ethical dilemma whether to act responsibly or cross the line to break the law with impunity to survive and make profits (Crittenden, Crittenden & Pitt, 2011). This paper will seek to analyze the News of the World phone-hacking scandal in relation to ethics and leadership concepts in management. Some of the business social responsibility issues that came out of the News of the World scandal will be discussed under the appropriate subheadings.

  Ethical responsibility A company should stay within the law by respecting the privacy of the people as it is not only a legal obligation but also a social obligation to respect other people's private lives by not going around exposing private affairs in public (Certo, 2011). It is unethical but at the end of the day, the Newspapers do it over and over again with impunity perhaps due to the wide networks they have within the political clout and the law enforcement bodies such as; the police who may themselves be subjects of blackmail by the News houses who may have some dirty secrets too about the police (Ellison, 2011).

In this particular case, News World International does not care about the ethical side of the phone hackings they make for as long as they have it their way pin getting the stories they are looking for. In the process of hacking, people’ s private lives are exposed resulting in damaged public lives (Manne, 2012).


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