Essays on Key Problems in Management of Airstar Inc Case Study

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The paper "Key Problems in Management of Airstar Inc" is a great example of a case study on management. The tragedy within Airstar Inc. is not that it can’ t realize much profit, but the organization flaws that are in the organization. Indeed there is a big problem that continues to affect the company from realizing optimal results. The problem seems to stem from a lack of a succinct and well modeled organizational structure that will direct the company. A key problem lies in the many management issues that are not addressed at the executive level.

A solution is imperative especially because the flaws are continuously affecting the growth and performance of the organization (Wheatley 2001). An overlap of the issues that exist within Airstar Inc. includes the following; the company has a flawed corporate governance structure. The level of respect at the very least seems to be highly none upheld. There are executives who are not co-operative. The conflict is especially evident in cases of management involving the President and the Vice President of Marketing. One of the realities of an organization is that it is essentially a tall order for an organization to have no conflicts, however, the extent to which an organization deals with the existing conflict is usually the difference of performing and non-performing organization. Key problems There are several issues that the President needs to address very urgently.

An optimal organization design involves a system or a structure that carefully analyses the pattern of relationships that exists in the organization involving the roles and the parts that are entrenched by the management. Through such an avenue the works, roles, and responsibilities are clearly allocated and activities well directed, so as to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Organizational structure is in most instances widely overlooked by organizations.

The importance however of embracing the same far outweighs the overlooking. Organizational structure assists any firm or company to achieve optimum performance. Some scholars have gone a mile to describe the importance of organization structure as that invisible hand that essentially brings life ton organization and also organizations to life (Mumford and Hendricks 2006). They underlie in every successful structure of the company. The visible and invisible structures within the organizations are often the thread that interwove the activities of the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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