Essays on Stress Management - Deborah and Belinda Case Study

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The paper "Stress Management - Deborah and Belinda" is an outstanding example of a management case study.   The reasons that made Deborah react cruelty to Belinda include; unjustified promotion according to Deborah. Due to the fact that Deborah had been in the organization for fifteen years while Deborah had only spent two years in the organization as a secretary to the managing director, she thought that she was at a better position to be promoted. On the contrary, promotion led to frustrations and led to bad behavior by Deborah towards Belinda. Another reason for such a reaction is stress.

Deborah was used to leaving the job earlier and was not used to keeping time terms of the employment (Stephen et al 2011). When Belinda was promoted, she felt that she will put more pressure on her like leaving the office late which she was not used to. This led to stress and hatred towards Belinda the new executive support manager. Deborah feared the formal power Belinda will have. Belinda was promoted to a higher rank than Deborah and so she feared to be under somebody who has been in the organization for only two years.

In this aspect, she did not regard Belinda as her new immediate boss and she did not want to follow her directions. Promotion of Belinda who had been in the HIA for two years only lowered the morale of Deborah who had been working at HIA for fifteen years. Lack of motivation led to conflicts between Belinda and Deborah. Lack of motivation leads to poor industrial relations and can lead to conflicts between the employees. The above reasons that made Deborah react badly to Belinda were not justified because Belinda showed more skills and characteristics of being a leader than Deborah who never showed good leadership skills as she was never a role model to other employees (Stephen et al 2011).

Belinda showed more commitment than Deborah towards achieving the HIA goals and objectives. On the other hand, David the executive director of HIA wanted the managing director secretary to have close control of the whole staff of the Housing industry association. The above reasons led to the promotion of Belinda to the position of executive support manager instead of creating another department to do the same work hence the organization will minimize the costs of administration. Question 2 There are various techniques which could have been applied by Belinda to resolve the conflict between her and Deborah which includes; the potential of showing cooperativeness (Robbins et al 2008).

Deborah had asked Belinda to carry on with her work at her own time because she was already used to that culture and that it was hard for her to adopt the new working style of long hours.

In order to find the resolution, Belinda could have shown some cooperation although the solution could have been for short while before changing the whole scenario. Cooperation could have reduced the stress on Deborah thus maintain a good relationship. Another resolution to the problem could have been to avoid any circumstances that will lead to confrontation between the two parties (Joseph, 2010). In this regard, Deborah could slowly get used to the changing circumstances and the relationship could have come back to normal. The tension between Deborah and Belinda was high when they were solving the conflict and that led to disagreement.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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