Essays on Managing People at Work Assignment

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The paper "Managing People at Work" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   Deborah reacted towards Melinda in such a manner because; she felt the changes being in acting in the organisation threatened her self-interest. Deborah was used to giving herself an extra hour during lunchtime, arriving late for work and leaving half an hour earlier than the stipulated time. She felt that Melinda who was now the new executive manager is going to implement stricter policies at work, which are going to prevent her from getting her own way that she had been used to for such a long time. Deborah reacted to Melinda in such a manner because; she had not been used to having the will of other people imposed on her.

Having worked at HIA as an office manager for such a long time, Deborah was in charge of the management of HIA Brisbane branch. But the promotion of Melinda to executive manager meant that she will always consult her before implementing anything. Also, it meant that she will always be receiving orders from Melinda this, therefore; made her react in such a manner. The failure of the executive director to involve Deborah who was the office manager for such a long time, made her respond in such a manner towards Melinda because; maybe she did not understand the reason for implementing the changes.

And probably she also felt that the current way of doing things way working well for her hence, the change meant that she had to change she did her work. Deborah reacted this way towards Melinda because; she knew very well that, Melinda will in act changes in the organisation which are going to alter her way of life the one she had been used to.

Therefore she had to react this way because she felt that the past life way more secure and predictable as she could do everything she wanted before the new changes. Melinda promotion to an executive management position meant that she was in charge of the Brisbane branch and Deborah and other employee were answerable to her. This made Deborah feel that she has lost control of her position hence the need to react in such a manner. Deborah’ s reactions are justified given the natural human objection of having the will of others imposed on them, lack of communication and the loss of control in the workplace. 2.

What could Melinda have done to better resolve this issue with Deborah? Melinda could have talked to the executive director, about the need to communicate to other employees the reason that made him to in act the changes in the organisation. Because; if the management plans and effectively communicates with the employees in time and explain to them the reasons for implementing the changes, they are much more likely to agree and support the changes without resisting. Melinda needed to understand that, different people respond differently to change.

Some people have trouble accepting and adjusting to change and uncertainty while others appreciate the changes and view them as great prospects. Also, some individuals, initiate change while others prefer the status quo. Therefore, Melinda should have given Deborah enough time to cope and adapt to the changes. She also needed to understand that, Deborah is in the category that prefers the status quo and opposes change.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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