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The paper "SWOT Analysis for Random House Publishers" is a great example of a marketing case study. The Random House publishers, as Bickert, Diestegge, Knauer, Moslang, Schroer and Sommer, (2013) discussed in the presented case study is a publishing media function of the Bertelsmann Company. Since its inception the function has served and expanded its influence in publishing books articles and newspapers in the German market. In order to offer a critical and objective evaluation of the function, this evaluation develops a strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis in the market. 1.1 Strength The major strength of the publishing house is its domestic market dominance.

In this regard, the publisher has over the years expanded and increased to dominate the local market. In this perceptive, a competitor’ s analysis establishes that in 2011 sales statistics compared to other stakeholders in the market such as Hachette with a total sales of 1.47 billion Euros and The Grupo Planeta with 1.77 billion of sales, the Company had an absolute market dominance of 3 billion in sales. Moreover, the organizational premise and headquarters location serve as its additional strength.

In this case it is headquartered in Gutersloh Germany with a total population of 100,000 residents. Therefore, this offers the organization a strong domestic market over others in the domestic market, thus offering it an added market advantage. In order for a strategic organizational success, it is imperative for an organization to have a strong financial base as well as a stable market base. In this regard, the Random House publisher has developed and expanded on this market theory. As such, it has established a strong capital and financial base form its operations as well as drawing from other organizational functions earnings.

Moreover, in order to develop a strong and steady demand, the publisher has resulted in retaining its Christian publishing brand image acquired since its establishment, three generations ago. 1.2 Weakness Despite its large pool of strengths and ultimate competitive edges, Random House publishes has its share of weakness. One of the fundamental weaknesses of the function is narrowing down of its operations. As such, this fundamentally reduced its revenue streams. In its case, the organization resulted in an increased focus on specialized books and features publication.

As such, this denied it the ultimate gain and merit of increased revenue streams in the market. Therefore, the reduced market segment and product publishing base fundamentally reduced the overall organizational revenue base and thus restricting its ability to grow and expand. 1.3 Opportunities An opportunities analysis involves a strategic market environment evaluation. In this case, the opportunities review analysis the current and expected market conditions to develop relative market success in the market. A strategic analysis of the environment demonstrates that despite the rising market conditions in the German book it is at its almost saturation base.

However, the evaluation established that there is an opportunity for expansion into the growing markets. This s based on the aspect that the market is growing and the market is increasingly growing and the need for education and publications in the market are simultaneously growing. As such, this forms a strategic opportunity for the venture expansion in a bid to increase and facilitate its ultimate influence in the market. Growing markets such as the Middle East and Asia, that are increasingly growing and expanding but lack enough publishing houses serve as the most attractive and ideal investment locations.

In summary, a strategic evaluation and focus on the publishing industry, it is apparent that despite market dynamic changes, the industry is bound to expand into the future, especially in the developing nations as well as the emerging markets.


Bickert, S., Diestegge, V., Knauer, T., Moslang, K., Schroer, A., & Sommer, F., (2013). Random House: Shifting to E-Books in a Globalised World, London: Ivey Publishers
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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