Essays on Industry Competition in China and Australia Assignment

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The paper "Industry Competition in China and Australia" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Lion Nathan Company is an international brewing company operating in three countries. These are China, New Zealand, and Australia. This company has 10 breweries in these three countries and has over 50 brands of its products. The beer from this company is also exported to 50 different countries around the globe. The company engages in a series of expansion strategies to enable it to achieve its set objectives for every financial year. Some of these strategies have greatly seen it through a number of successes and fitting well in the market competition that is ever competitive. The company also employed knowledgeable persons like Kevin Roberts to manage its production services.

These persons are well equipped and capable of delivering the very best in this industry. The same trend has also witnessed the employment of various personalities who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the management of these drinks. Most of these people were taken from prominent companies like the coca-cola companies (Jain et al 108). Thereafter, they were placed on this company as directors and heads of productions.

Through their knowledge and skills, they come up with ideas that significantly change the business. This company operates in three countries and thus calling for the implementation of various strategies to enable them to stay on top of the competition in the market. This discussion will analyze the company’ s operational strategies in both China and Australia using Porter's model of industry competition, a concept that is used widely worldwide in analyzing and predicting the company’ s outcome. Here is a brief history of the Lion Nathan Company (Proctor 150). China has one of the largest and most impressive markets in the world, despite this fact, Lion Nathan Company has not been doing well thus presenting the need to perform well and improve its market share.

With many companies competing in the same niche, Lion Nathan Company has faced tough competition that can easily lead to their exit from the market.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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