Essays on Key Management Challenge - Acme Minerals Extraction Company Case Study

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The paper "Key Management Challenge - Acme Minerals Extraction Company " is a perfect example of a management case study. The case on Acme Mineral Extraction Company assists in the identification of the management approaches and leadership styles considered important in ensuring the success of the projects based on the teamwork in any situation. The case demonstrated that a management style does not suit in every situation, which makes a successful leadership style to be driven with the situation. The differences in the workers’ responses at the two sites of the business after implementation of the similar project indicate that the success of any leadership style depends on both the appropriate methods and processes used by the leaders and personal charisma showed by the leaders.

In addition, it is important to note that the type of respect that the leaders command from their subordinates makes it easier for them to implement various programs and bring the required change. In such cases, trust plays a significant role in the implementation of ideas (Chin,   2015). Various concepts such as problem chat and SPITS played an important role in bringing together the members of different functional groups for the accomplishment of the task that involved solving common problems.

The team projects succeeded due to different reasons: Ms Suzanne was lucky to have found Donald Peterson an experienced employee who understood the discrepancies associated with both groups, which made it easier to solve the problems. The introduction of the cross-sectional team in Wichita through STIPS and problem chat proved to be effective methods allowing people across the departments to change information, come up with a new idea, and solve institution problems. Key Management Challenge For many years, ACME has experienced various problems associated with poor teamwork that contributed to low morale and productivity issues.

Employees are the centre of organizational performance; therefore, their motivation is of the essence to the organization. Initially, the business had poor employee engagement practice. To exploit fully the potential of the employees, it is important that the business engage them in most of the activities. Despite having to different teams, the management and leaders of these groups need to understand that they have a similar object, which would propel them to achieve the required results.

Another factor that contributed to poor employee morale and consequently poor organizational performance is an employee-management relationship. The quality issue is another problem associated with the management of the business due to longer response time, poor levels of socialization, and inadequate levels of sharing knowledge. The workers were not empowered to make decisions and select the leaders they considered appropriate for them. In addition, with improper authority, the inadequate definition of the needed outcome, goals, and ethical guidelines, the employees were unable to comprehend organizational needs which in turn affected their performance. Employees need time to discuss some of the issues affecting their performance.

There was needs to schedule meetings on a timely basis to discuss their problems. For example, after establishing the timeline for the meetings, the teams became lively which led to numerous discussions and solution, which signify the significance of enabling employees to have team discussions. The organization did not provide a platform for the employees to communicate their feelings and share ideas on the best ways to improve their performance and institutional output.

The management worked hard to ensure organizational success; however, without the involvement of the employees, they have demotivated which in turn affected their contribution to the organization. To such, it was evident that the business needed a leader with proficiency in establishing a better working relationship. This led to job satisfaction.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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