Essays on Brennemans Leadership Actions on Saving the Continental Airlines Assignment

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The paper "Brenneman’ s Leadership Actions on Saving the Continental Airlines " is a perfect example of a business assignment. Brenneman’ s leadership actions on saving Continental Airlines achieve the quadrant of the Competing Values Framework. First, when Brenneman comes to continental, he was shocked at the kind of management that he found at Continental Airlines. Brenneman (as cited in Harvard Business Review, 1998) says that he had never seen a company that was as dysfunctional as Continental Airlines was. He says there was almost no strategy that had been put in place.

The trend in the company was of presidents coming in each and every year. The company had had a total of ten presidents within ten years. Brenneman’ s first action in addressing the Competing Values Framework was addressing the Internal Process Model. Brenneman had first to address the leadership in the company. He and Gordon Bethune together took over the leadership of the company. They had to offer the company the leadership it had lacked. They had to create a communication line where information could flow from the top leadership down to the other workers.

Together with Gordon, they formed a strategy for the company. The company had lacked a strategy and good documentation that would move it forward. That is what Brenneman gave the company. The second quadrant of the Competing Values Framework that Brenneman’ s action achieves is Open System Model. Brenneman had to become visionary and viewed the company as succeeding despite that it was headed to becoming bankrupt. Creativity and being an innovative entrepreneur who can take calculated risks to achieve significant gains is what it takes to achieve the Open System Model of the Competing Values Framework (Quinn & Rohrbaugh, 1983).

Brenneman had to be creative and innovative and together with Gordon, they came up with a strategy that would move Continental Airlines ahead. The two went ahead to renegotiate with creditors to be able to save the company and took the risk of assuming the company will kick back to business so that they could pay the creditors.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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