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The paper "Harley-Davidson, Starbucks - Creativity and Innovation " is a perfect example of a business assignment. Factors that account for the company’ s customer base to be diverse include customer satisfaction that has made it possible to keep them. Under this customer who use the company’ s products and is attracted by the quality, they tend to go back and shop more; production of quality products which target specific needs of the target market; well-done market research that has established the needs of the market, therefore, producing what the company feels it is needed in the markets and a wide range of products that cater for the target market (Scott p. 34). The advice applies also to small companies that are trying to build recognition among customers.

This is attributed to the fact that in order for a company to be recognized it has to maintain its market position and not imitate other successful companies dealing with similar brands. As such, it would not only help to keep customers but also assist in capturing potential customers who will be able to have confidence and trust in the company as it has kept its identity throughout.

In addition, the small companies should not engage themselves in market trends that may lead to loss of their identity and poor competition strategies. This is attributed to the fact that the company may lack sufficient financial to indulge in market trends which eventually becomes a loss. There are many challenges faced by the company’ s brand management by selling products globally and include; there is lack of a global framework that may march the nature of the business despite the fact that business operates under regulatory and legal clarity.

As such, the company is challenged as it has to get used to different regulatory and legality of different countries where it is operating; management and organization of the business in an international market given the level of competition in the global market. The capacity of the company to have excellent organization and management at the international level is challenged; culture diversity has given the fact that all countries upheld different cultural practices which are felt in businesses operations and corporate responsibility for some externalities that are linked with business activities. In order for the company to operate well globally, there is a need for the managers to meet challenges.

This may be done through; work within the given regulatory and legal framework in any given country; ensure excellent organization and management in the external market by either working with productive employees, employ people that understand the culture of a particular market place and ensure that the employees of the company understand their role and the impact they have on the society. The company should not use the same market campaigns in every country that they operate.

This also applies to small companies that have continued to operate domestically and are planning to expand internationally in the near future. This is attributed to the fact that in every country, there is different people and therefore, different targets. As such, they should apply different market campaigns that will suit the target market in a particular country. For instance, in countries where women are not expected to ride bicycles, the company cannot use a market campaign that was used in other country showing women cycling.

The company needs to come up with a specific campaign for the market place. The Loncin product could use the Harley-Davidson brand. It is a motorcycle brand that is based in China. Similar to Harley-Davidson products, it operates in different countries and it is one of the leading selling brands in China. Their success is also as a result of the growth of the brand which is attributed o sticking to and understanding the consumer base while researching for market opportunities in the world while applying their brand in the right way.

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