Essays on Analyzing the Changes Faced by Computer R Us Research Proposal

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The paper "Analyzing the Changes Faced by Computer R Us " is an outstanding example of a business research proposal. Computer R Us is a computer manufacturer and retailer that launched a service and repair division, CompleteCare for its portable/laptop/notebook computers. However, it has been noted that the division is experiencing a shortage of trained technical operators available to serve the customers. As the Workload of repair pile up and deadlines become tighter, the insufficient personnel can be of a great limitation to the organization. As a result, the few available technical operators have greater workloads, hence minimizing their productivity and performance.

There has been reported unreliability of the division to pick up and deliver customer machines to the repair center. The division suffers from a bad reputation when it comes to satisfying the needs of the customer. Moreover, the division also experiences major problems for some types of machines. With the increasing challenges, the division is unable to meet its set objectives and the objectives of the entire organization. Purpose of the research Because this study aims at investigating the problems faced by Computer R Us, the research aims at studying and analyzing problems faced by the CompleteCare division.

The study will also recommend various possible solutions to the problems faced by the CompleteCare. As a qualitative study, the study will try to answer the ‘ how’ land ‘ why’ questions. By answering these questions, the researcher will gain insights about the challenges facing the division and build a theoretic base to make recommendations. Moreover, the research aims to provide the management of the company with a greater understanding of these challenges and how the company would benefit from implementing the recommended actions. Methodology Research design Scientific research and practical research are different types of research designs.

According to Saunders, Lewis & Thornbill (2007), scientific research is meant to contribute to a body of knowledge where the benefactors of the research are fellow researchers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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