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The paper "Segmentation Process in News Limited " is a great example of a marketing essay.   After analyzing News Ltd, it was discovered that through developing and designing segment analysis successful market strategy can be achieved. However, for the firm to achieve its goal it is important to try and develop environmental and industry analysis so that a holistic perception of the firm’ s competitiveness can be achieved. This aspect involves looking into the Porter’ s Five Forces Model and the Nine Forces which guides the organization into proper development and expansion.

More so, News Ltd should come up with ways of utilizing the BCG Matrix Model in order to achieve success and development. This aspect involves developing a sustainable portfolio administration tool that is used in the product theory life cycle. By coming up with the tool there will be a chance for the organization to understand what products within the company products mix they will prioritize first in aspects relating to attention and funding. Furthermore, it is proper to understand the segmentation process both to the customers and to the competitors since this helps in the understanding of attitudes towards investments & risk. The report is designed to analyze News Limited using data and business analytical methods in order to understand how key segments to customers, SWOT/BCG Portfolio matrix to the Industry, the Porters 5 Forces to the industry and finally to identify the key segmentation techniques and their competitive advantage is to the competitors.

The report will further examine the required information that is required for effective marketing decisions. Nonetheless, it will highlight the proper approaches which managers in News Ltd ought to use while identifying information requirements to achieve environmental and marketing information.

For the report to be achieved successfully different analytical methods, budget allocation and marketing forecasts will be used (Webster, 1991).  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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