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The paper "Develop a New E-Commerce Website" Is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. After carefully going through the client’ s requirements, we are ready to present our detailed plan to design and implement the e-commerce project for the Brisbane city council. We understand the importance of this initiative and their respective challenges. We also understand the BCC e-commerce Application requirement. For that reason, we would bring the power of our experienced group to ensure that we successfully meet all the client requirements. < Our company> has specifically endeavored to think beyond the project, to BCC overall strategy and architecture in the development of this proposal.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to work with you on this application for the following reasons: The Right Team – We are able to draw from our company Information Management practice, in addition to the team, combining deep web application development and transformation skills with deep knowledge of your stakeholders, functional areas, and product master(s). Our high-end web application development combined with the latest technology and unrivaled customer support will help you gain the cutting edge in global arena Our Approach – The approach is comprehensive, as is required in a project of this scope and given the objectives.

Our approach calls for some formality to the project value proposition – which we understand is not in scope, however, our experience with web application projects indicates this will be required for success. Understanding ‘ is it worth it’ will be critical. The approach also requires demonstrating what can work, how, and why – through the engagement of the key functional stakeholders early and often, in a Proof of Concept.

Finally, the approach emphasizes the items we must get right – Application Architecture and Governance, being among those high priority areas. Unique Assets and Tools – < Our company> not only brings relationships and strategic alliances with a number of esteem clients but we also boast of long-lasting relationships with all the clients we have worked on. Having these alliances in place can save < client> resources, and if appropriate, remove the complexity of dealing with the accountability of multiple parties. Our Value Proposition – A decision to move forward with < Our company> will make sense if the project is viewed as truly strategic and complex in nature and if a teaming approach and attitude are desired.

< Our company> will bring the Firm to bear, inclusive of our alliance partners, to provide our hands-on ethics, our experience, and delivery models for < client’ s> project. < Our company> expects an accountability structure will be defined so that it is clear that our goals are mutually shared and our collective performance is tied to our mutual rewards. We have entered into the fixed fee and milestone-based arrangements with < client> in the recent past, and have been extremely flexible in these terms, evidenced not only by our words but by our behavior. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this submittal or the materials herein.

Most importantly, we stress our desire to collaborate on the right approach and solution for Brisbane city council and look forward to that dialogue. Should your team desire to meet with us we kindly request the opportunity to select a date that mutually works for our teams within the next ten days.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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