Essays on Analysis of Business Success of Dick Smith Company Case Study

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The paper "Analysis of Business Success of Dick Smith Company" is a perfect example of a management case study. As a fairly popular entrepreneur, Dick Smith seems to have attained the status of a public figure within the Australian population as well as the entire world as a whole. He has been able to enjoy lots of success in matters related to his epic travels as well as businesswise ventures. Dick Smith operates on a rather childhood philosophy that encourages service to others and intense levels of gratitude. Subsequently, this entrepreneur has successfully devised workable ways of connecting with the larger Australian society, which has allowed him to enjoy higher levels of respect as well as the admiration of both employees as well as other business managers as a whole.

Dick Smith level of achievements include; First Trans-Tasman Balloon Flight in 2000, Founder of Dick Smith Foods as well as chairing the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Board for two terms. It is important to note that Dick Smith’ s level of charismatic influence over the employees and business managers alike has termed him as being a transformational leader.

The paper examines the charisma, business success and transformational aspect of this great Australian entrepreneur. Contributors of Dick Smith Business Success Dick Smith business success is fairly inclined towards the philosophy he uses for conducting business matters. He bases his business activities on aspects related to gratitude and service to others. Subsequently, it is noted that this entrepreneur instigates and emphasises on values of free enterprise as well as the virtues of hard work and, freedom of speech. It is noted that with the integration of hard work and freedom of speech, employees’ productive capacity increases tenfold at any given moment.

These freedoms allow the workforce to develop creative products and processes that are, in turn, utilised for increasing production. Notably, Dick Smith’ s personal magnetism is said to have a positive impact and effect on the larger Australian marketplace as a whole. The effects have allowed him success whenever he chose to formulate and develop relevant products for Australian society as a whole. Another important attribute that has made him a successful businessman is based on the fact that he managed to integrate his onetime vision from only focusing on operating successful businesses to the promotion of a single national identity, pride as well as self-confidence amongst the employees as well as the entire Australian potential consumers as a whole.

In essence, it is noted that the capacity of this entrepreneur to connect his visions and missions with the personal values of a relative part of the entire Australian community has availed a platform necessary for the success of his business ventures across the Australian and global marketplace. Significantly, Dick Smith has ensured to sustain a positive public image that has gone ahead to attract a relatively higher level of admiration and respect amongst the followers.

Stone, Russell, and Patterson( 2004, p353) indicates that leaders that are able to maintain a positive public outlook are fairly positioned to command lots of business ventures and success due to the adoration gained amongst the potential customers. It is evident that the public outlook as maintained by the entrepreneur has attracted substantial levels of attention from the overall society that form the basis of business success (Tonkin, 2013).

Dick Smith was able to distinguish the fact that a positive public outlook was a powerful competitive framework that could assist with eliminating possible competition.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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