Essays on Barrack Gold Corporation and Pascua Lama Project Case Study

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The paper 'Barrack Gold Corporation and Pascua Lama Project " is a good example of a management case study. Barrack Gold Corporation is a company that has the largest gold mining corporation in the world which is located in Toronto, Canada. It has gained its superiority as the world-leading gold mining company through the policy of responsible mining. This policy had helped the company over the past years to gain access to various mining sites and support from the government. Responsible mining is a policy that encourages the company to extract minerals like gold, silver and copper without having to necessarily pollute the environment and affect the communities around the mining zones and also influence the stability of the stakeholders’ interest in the company.

Peter Munk is the founder of the Gold mining corporation, he founded the company around 1980. He has been the chair of the board since then until 2013, at the age of 85, where he was called to resign by the stakeholders and the members of the public (Lopez & Martell, 2013). The success of the company has been recently threatened by the tougher environmental policy requirements, the community protests and the demands for increase profit-sharing ratios from shareholders and stakeholders of the company.

The prices of the commodities being mined are also depreciating, gold prices in the market are hitting a minimum low compared to the previous years. The company’ s shareholders are restlessly demanding the restructuring of the board composition. They are claiming that Peter Munk and the rest were out of sync with the trending market realities and thus should resign. The storm that is recently threatening the company is the Pascua Lama mining project that the company has been developing since 2004.

The Pascua Lama project is set up in a remote area in the ancient glaciers. The project is projected to be the world’ s largest gold reserve. The Pascua Lama is expected to produce 18 million ounces of gold and 676 million ounces of silver. The project site is located in the borders of Argentina and Chile, it will be the first-ever mine to operate across national borders.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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