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The paper "Barrick Gold Corporation - Supply Chain Management" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Barrick Gold Corporation centers its goals and objectives on protecting the environment, the welfare of the people and maintain excellent ethics. The Company remains Canadian based and has expanded mainly through acquisitions and exploration. The corporation mainly undertakes gold mining as a business. They place a high emphasis on developing and enhancing the lives of the communities in which they operate. The tough environmental laws, government restrictions, hostile communities and falling gold prices seem to affect the gold mining enterprise.

The value of the company in the stock market appeared to have dwindled due to the unforeseen challenges experienced. QUESTION 1 Respect to the stakeholders of the business remains fundamental for the attainment of set goals. The company tends to respect and uphold human rights when undertaking commercial activities. It also aims at creating equality and the recognition of the individuals the company interacts with every day. Compliance and care for stakeholders remain a guideline to the activities of the enterprise. According to International Transparency reports, most companies fail to meet the minimum levels of getting transparent on the issues affecting their businesses.

They fail to remain transparent to the concerns of the stakeholders. There has been a lot of problems that the company remains exposed to when conducting its operations. Some of the issues experienced by the corporation seem long-running. One of the most notable problems experienced by the company remains the construction of an enhancement program in Papua New Guinea in Porgera. In regards to this project, rape cases by the officials have occurred and environmental problems among many other issues. However, there exists a significant difference between Barrick’ s website and protestbarrick. net regarding the same subject.

The company fails to talk of some of the concerns experienced in Papua New Guinea.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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