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The paper "The Case Study Handbook by William Ellet" is a delightful example of an article on business. The paper is about the topic case studies as a strategy in undertaking any research activity. It explains the meaning of a case study and the relevant notes to make when planning to undertake a case study research. The case narrows down further to look at a few examples of cases and the fields in which case study research is undertaken successfully. It looks at the internet as a field. In addition, it dissects the information system and computing fields and how case study research has influenced the fields.

Finally, there is the evaluation and analysis of case study research, its advantages, and its disadvantages. Evidence or method used to support the main argument of the paper The main argument of the paper revolves around case studies and their impact on research. Case study as a strategy in conducting research is a very thorough procedure (Ellet et al 2007). This means that it employs a variety of tools and the relevant means to ensure that its outcomes about phenomena reflect the real-life expectations of the researcher.

It supports most philosophies since its data collection and analysis techniques are rigorous and thorough. Agreement and comments I do agree with what the author has presented. This agreement is hinged on the facts and experience that I have with case studies. I have severally employed a case study approach in conducting several types of research and my outcomes and presentations have since been marvelous (Ellet et al 2007). Again, the author has tackled the topic so exclusively bringing on board all the supporting cases, which have outweighed those points against. How to relate the points by the author to reality Relating the points of the author to reality is so vivid.

This is because as it has been witnessed by the researcher’ s findings; case studies can handle complex and fragile situations like investigations involving internet and information systems. They also handle situations, which the researcher has little control over, and produce realistic data (Ellet et al 2007).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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