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The paper "Importance of Customer Relations to the Organization" is a good example of a business assignment. Customer service plays a very important role in the organization. First and foremost, customer service is used as a tool for handling customers (Goodman, 2009). Customer complaints can be handled in time and a solution given. Customer relations prepare customer service representatives to expect and way to react when dealing with difficult or irritating customers. The representatives will be in a position of handling such customers with due care and diligence. Also, good customer service helps in creating a positive image of the business (Cook, 2010).

You are likely to find out that customers who have experience with the customer service department in the organization are likely to tell other people about the experience. Therefore, a good image for the business helps in attracting more customers and maintaining new ones. In this way, the business advertises itself as a result of a good public image. There is stiff competition in the market thus; customer service is used as a tool of fighting it. Here, customer service is a tool of fighting competition as the business can identify itself by being different from competitors by offering good customer service (Goodman, 2009). What are some of the key issues faced by the organization? There are issues that are currently facing the business.

To begin with, stiff competition from other businesses in the same industry. This has led to reduced sales as most customers have shifted to the competitors (Cook, 2010). You find out that the products are priced higher than the competitor’ s prices. This is so as to cover up the production costs. The other issue that the business is facing is the lack of creativity and innovation.

The world has changed due to technology. Finally, the business is having not reached a level where it can maintain a large customer care department. Therefore, it’ s been difficult in handling customers in terms of speed (Goodman, 2009). In the near future, the business is opting to have a technical support system to handle complaints through emails and phones. Current business climate Business trends and expectations are constantly changing. More customers have a higher expectation than just marketing a product.

There is also stiff competition in the industry. It is important to review alternative ways of offering good customer service rather than offering only a loyalty program. A corporate strategy is the main key to the success of every business. The corporate strategy helps in understanding the business, the competition dynamics and the behavior of the financial markets (Goodman, 2009). The strategy prepares the business against competition and any risks involve. The business will also be in a position to find solutions to its problems. The hotel business is a viable business.

Therefore, there is room for expansion for the business. People will always eat. In the near future, the business is opting to open branches in major towns. This will ensure increased profit margins as a result of increased sales and good customer service. What are the current business trends that might impact customer service, customer satisfaction or loyalty positively or negatively?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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