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IntroductionThis paper provides a report on Airstar, Inc based on the organization structure and design of the company. The report identifies the problems, which the company is facing, proposes solutions to these problems and recommends on what should be done in order to ensure that the company has the ability to its desired goals and objectives with minimal competition from its current business environment. Airstar, Inc is a company, which is involved the manufacture and provision of repair and maintenance services to small aircraft owners. The company focuses on the engines and pistons overhauls and manufacture.

The company had been at the top performance to the death of the founder president and incoming of Roy Morgan as the new president. Further, the company has being able to retain its managers for a longer time. However, Airstar, Inc is facing several problems because of the nature of the market environment where it conducts its business activities. Moreover, the operation industry for the company has changed significantly. These changes have induced a stiff competition from other companies, which include Pratt & Whitney, and General Electric.

Airstar, Inc was known for superior customer services, safety, and quality of products. This has drastically changed as the company is experiencing considerable challenges from its business environment, which have impacted the functions and operations of the company in a negative way. These challenges include frustration of managers and employees, poor organization structure, and communication channels are not effective. ProblemsOrganization Structure The key significant problem, which the company faces, is the lack of organization structure. This problem has affected the functionality of various operations and activities in the company.

For example, the company managers, as well as employees are frustrated. This frustration emerges from the threat of competition, which the company faces from the market competition. Further, the frustration has intensified since the company does not have an organization structure, which has the ability and power to counteract the market force of competition. Another example is that communication channels in the company are not effective. This is based on the fact that managers cannot effectively share and manage knowledge in the company. Consequently, it is complex for the company to brainstorm ideas of overcoming the overwhelming competition, which is imposed by the market.

On the same note, the interaction level of employees in this company is reduced significantly due to the poor communication channels. LeadershipLeadership of an organization plays a significant factor towards ensuring that the organization has the ability and potential to attain the desired goals and objectives (Bassett, & Carr 1996). Airstar, Inc is suffering from lack of effective leadership. This is because the new president of the company, Roy Morgan, does not have adequate leadership and management skills.

This indicates that Morgan is incompetent to lead the organization towards attaining its vision, goals and objectives. This is further demonstrated by the inability of Morgan to steer the managers towards formulating an effective strategy, which has the inability to counteract competition. On the same note, stagnation of top managers of this company in old versioned management environment has caused the company a big blow. This has contributed towards a reduction in the overall performance output of the company. This occurs since these managers do not have the ability and competency level to lead the organization as the business environment is changing at a rapid rate.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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