Essays on Cynthia Cooper and WorldCom by Mead and Warhane Article

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The paper "Cynthia Cooper and WorldCom by Mead and Warhane" is a brilliant example of an article on business. 1. What is this writer’ s position/proposition? The writer’ s position is that Cooper is faced with a very difficult situation, which will have to blow up anyway. This is because; she is not sure whether she should reveal the audit information that indicates that WorldCom is involved in scandals of financial irregularity. On the other hand, Cooper is concerned that the failure to make the information public would be to the detriment of the company and also her own department.

Considering that SEC was growing suspicious WorldCom’ s capacity to earn huge profits when the rest of the firms in the same industry were struggling, there was little doubt that eventually the irregularities would be unearthed. However, the major problem is that Cooper hated to be a whistleblower (Mead & Warhane, 2007). Whistle blowing is something that she had loathed, and thus she did not esteem to be part of it. Further, Cooper really liked her company, and she regarded it a good place to work, due to the high level of entrepreneurial spirit that had been demonstrated by WorldCom since the time she joined the company.

Thus, the writer’ s position is that Cooper must make a decision. Regardless of whatever the decision is likely to be, she has now found herself in a situation where she cannot avoid making a decision. The write holds that Cooper has two possible ways of reacting. She can either inform the public or deal with the board of the auditing committee of WorldCom (Mead & Warhane, 2007).   2. Do you agree or disagree?

Why? I agree with the writer’ s proposition. This is because; the situation of WorldCom as it stands demand that it is time for Cooper to do something about it. The SEC has already requested for further financial information from the company in order to establish how the company is making profits regardless of the difficult economic situation faced by the industry (Mead & Warhane, 2007). Therefore, even if Cooper does not take an action right away, sooner or later the financial irregularities that are associated with the company will definitely be unearthed.

Therefore, I agree with the writer’ s position that it is now time for Cooper to act. Additionally, the sleuthing and all the investigations that Cooper was undertaking had completely taken a toll on her, and that was noticed even by her family and friends (Mead & Warhane, 2007). Thus, to do away with the burden she has been carrying, I agree with the writer’ s proposition that Cooper must act now, whichever way she chooses to act. 3. Note any presuppositions you observe.

There are two major presuppositions that have been made in this case study. The first presupposition is that if the financial irregularities that were committed by some of the leaders of WorldCom were a bit hidden, for example like the case was with the Enron Scandal, then it would have been easier to overlook the irregularities. The problem now is that the financial irregularities committed in WorldCom were too straightforward (Mead & Warhane, 2007). The second presupposition made in the case is that once a person displays rage and anger when he/she is questioned about anything, then the person is hiding something (Mead & Warhane, 2007).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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