Essays on Environmental Pollution in California - Hinkely Case Study

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The paper "Environmental Pollution in California - Hinkely" is an outstanding example of an environmental studies case study. The case study is based on environmental pollution in a small town in California called Hinkely. The environmental concern was raised in a movie named Erin Brockovich which highlighted the issue that the town was used as a dumpsite for industrial wastes that resulted in the pollution of the groundwater. Due to such water contamination, the community residing around the place faced acute health problems that were overlooked over time the company in question. In regards to the ethical relevance of the case study, water pollution is the most common factor for environmental degradation.

The changes in the quality of water, the biota in the environment suffers the consequences. Many people are involved in this environmental issue. In regards to the movie’ s contents, Erin is affected directly by the water condition and thus seeks to pursue a lawsuit against the involved company. The injured people as well suffer directly from the environmental issue and are bound to seek medical attention. Therefore, the hospital suppliers, as well as doctors, are indirectly affected by the environmental condition.

The lawyer and the worker in the law office are directly affected by the condition because they are involved in protecting the environment. Nevertheless, the government is an indirect stakeholder in this situation. From the movie’ s case study, it can be concluded that water pollution is prevalent in areas located close to industrial operations. After investigation, a discovery is put across in regards to a cover-up of poisoning from the industry by Hexavalent chromium. This makes Hinkley town’ s water supply contaminated thus threatening the health of the whole community. The findings precisely indicate that there is a need for a monitoring program that could ensure proper water quality thus preventing future gross losses. The Case study summary The movie named Erin Brockovich presents the story of a single mother who stands up to fight for the common people against the injustices in reference to environmental ethics.

She works in a law firm as a clerical officer from where she finds files with information that related to issues of real estate. It was observed that there was a prevalence of some water-borne diseases in the town of Hinkley in California.

After the lady verifies and confirms the environmental claims, she sets out to file a lawsuit against the people involved. The environmental condition presented in this case study is that the Hinkley town situated in California was facing environmental pollution through the involvement of the Pacific Gas and Electric company that used the town surrounding grounds as a dumping site for its industrial wastes. Moreover, the character who works towards salvaging the town finds out that the company was secretly intending to buy the land that was already contaminated by Hexavalent chromium which is dangerous waste. It was thus clear that the company was inappropriately and illegitimately throwing away wastes in the town grounds thus exposing the residents of the area to environmental diseases especially those that are waterborne.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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