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The paper "Brand Positioning of Levi Strauss" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. Levi Strauss received a letter from a tailor from Nevada Jacob Davis in 1872. Jacob used to buy rolls of cloth from Straus’ s dry good company and Davis told Strauss in the letter that he used metal rivets to strengthen the construction of the overalls (trousers of strong material usually with a piece extending up to cover the chest) he made. Jacob wanted to get his technological invention patented but he could not afford so he requested Strauss to join him as a partner and so he did.

They got their invention patented in 1873 and the famous Levi Strauss & Company was formed. The history is available at (http: //www. levistrauss. com/Company/). Background to the brand Levi’ s Levi’ s was invented in 1873 in San Francisco. Levi’ s is well known for its classic, pure, and the most authentic jeans. This brand is the most successful, recognized throughout the world in almost 190 countries and they are often and the most copied brand all over the world since Levi’ s is extremely popular.

Levi’ s produces a classic range in jeanswear with their famous 501 jeans, Levi’ s jeans, Red Tab and premium collections. Levi’ s is the oldest and most recognized brand. Their jeans reflect comfort and elegance. The brand is sold in stores all over the world. They have their own brand stores all over the world where their variety in jeanswear is available. The background is available at (http: //www. levistrauss. com/Brands/Levis. aspx). Brands Perception and Image Branding involves developing an image that is what the consumer perceives of the product. Levi’ s is not only a product it is a personality and an image.

Brands have recently been marketed with greater depth and breadth since now they are used to depict a kind of personality as explained in Kevin Lane Keller (2006). Levi’ s has always been targeted to the youth so they have advertised their brand depicting a young and rebellious personality. Although people perceive Levi’ s to be the best in the making of the most authentic jeans in the world that is casual, smart, and also a style statement.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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