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IntroductionA brand is a name, symbol, sign, term or a design that a firm uses to differentiate its products or services from those of its rivals. On the other hand, brand positioning is the approach used by a company to find a niche for their products (Olsson and Sandru, 2006). Brand positioning has become increasingly essential to companies as they try to reach out to consumers. As competition stiffens, companies and organizations are finding it inevitable to have an extra attribute or element that make them stand out from their competitors (Barnett, 2008).

Similarly, the electronic business has grown tremendously over the last decade which has necessitated the players in the industry to position their brands. Basically, brand positioning is a process where the company seeks to build the brand image to their customers and for their competitors. To remain in the game therefore entail consideration of the company’s strength as well as those of the competitors. This work focuses on the case of Sony electronics brand positioning strategy. Company OverviewFormerly referred to as Apple Computer, Inc. , Apple Inc. is an international company headquartered in the United States which designs and markets consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software.

It was founded in 1976, and has blossomed to be a pace setter in the technological and information telecommunication business. Among its popular products entail the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad and the Macintosh line of computers (Eric, 2009). Besides, it has various software designed to work with its products such as the Mac OS X operating system, the iWork suite of productive software, logic studio, iTunes media browser, Aperture, iOS, the safari web browser, among others (Leavitt, 2007).

Apple Inc. is the third largest market leader in the phone industry after Nokia and Samsung Electronics. Its revenues are more than $60 billion, thanks to the company’s unique brand positioning strategy (Erick, 2009). Vision and Mission StatementApple’s vision is to be a global leader in consumer electronic business. The late and former CEO for Apple, Steve Jobs envisioned that by 2020, every desk will have an Apple computer. This is also in line with the company’s mission statement which is to continue making innovatory and state-of-the-art products to its users such as the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone.

Besides, the company focuses on taking part in Corporate Social Responsibilities as a way of giving back to the society. CompetitionAs mentioned earlier, Apple Inc. is the third largest manufacturer of consumer electronics after Nokia and Samsung. This means that, Apple faces stiff competition in the computer and mobile phone market. Being a big player in the market, Apple has to adopt comprehensive branding management strategies in order to remain relevant in the market.

The mobile market particularly has been flooded with major competitors of iPhone 4S being Nokia Lumia, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Nexus other Android operating phones (Rene, 2012; Arico, 2011). The iPad market has also in the recent past been diluted by the introduction of the Microsoft tablet and Samsung tablets (Arthur, 2012). Hence, there’s need for Apple to fight vigorously for a market niche.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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