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Motivation First, Middle Initial (s), Last Affiliation Motivation Motivation plays a role of fundamental significance within an organization. It is a tool that determines the prosperity of a firm. Motivation is one of the most powerful factors that influence employees to explore their maximum potential and meet the objective of a firm (Marios, 2009). In the case study, there are two key challenges that will be reviewed and outlined by this paper. This paper is obligated to elaborate the challenges and propose ultimate solution to the issues. ChallengesInability to meet the required deadline and decrease in the quality of work output are the two main challenges that are associated with lack of motivation.

The challenges above transparently shows that employees lack the driving force that tends to persuade them to take action and produce maximum work output. Lack of the motivation factor can make an individual fail to meet the targeted goal. Recommendation Motivating workers through rewards is the most suitable of curbing the challenges. There are strategies that should be adapted or implemented to enhance the achievement of a desirable workplace behavior.

Rewarding individuals who have depicted or exhibited an outstanding performance is among the strategies (Marios, 2009). This comprises of rewarding the staffs for the extra time at work. This will always encourage the workers to be motivated and be content with their work. Among the rewards which are always proposed includes job promotions, tokens and gifts, and vacation holidays. Before the implementation of the excellent award, the manager should know the weakness of the forms and areas that require improvement or boost. The awards should be set against such areas.

This will motivate them because they will have a feeling that their hard work has been noticed. The awards that should be implemented are supposed to be implemented to ensure it is standard and constant (Marios, 2009). An example is the reward for the most hardworking, the most improved, team or the year, and the most inspiring among many others. Some of the awards should be given to the clients. This will encourage clients to keep on coming back for their services so as to win the award. ReferencesMarios, K (2009).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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