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The paper "Organizational Effectiveness " Is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. The companies have their differences in their operation in electronics. Not only are the operations are different, but also they are various issues within their organization. Acme and Omega did compete for the same contractors and both benefitted from the booming of the electronics business in the 1960s. As a result of an increase in the demand for integrated circuits (ICs) and the efforts shown by the manufacturing company of ICS to satisfy the demands, Acme and Omega had to dig deep to look for new clients as their future was threatened.

One of the major companies involved in the photocopy needed subcontractor who would assemble the memory unit for the new experimental copier. Both companies were given the blueprints to come up with the design. Each company had its own way to come up with the needed design. In Acme Company, most of the progress were mainly centered on the president while the Omega Company involved all the stakeholders of the company (Gareth, 2006). Acme However, various important and interesting issues are worth to be mentioned.

Acme Company is said to have retained all the former employees and the general manager made to be the president. It is said to have an organization chart. This brings out the irony in that the president is seen to be handling all issues affecting the company without utilizing the various heads. All the decisions made in the company are seen to be made by the president. For instance, on the testing of the quality of the memory unit, the president does the testing without involving the quality department (Gareth, 2006).

Eventually, they get the contract on the weight of cost-effectiveness. Omega One the other hand, Omega Company does not have an organization chart as the president put it that it does not require one as the company is too small to have an organization chart. However, it is interesting to note that the company had different departmental heads that were headed by personnel who are mandated to handle the issues that were affecting the departments. The president is seen to allow the heads to make the departmental decisions as most of the major decisions are handled by the management team.

While they deliver a faultless prototype on time, they do not get the contract award. Issues analyses It is expected from the few employees and a new president who has vast knowledge on electronics, that the Omega Company would have a higher net profit compared to Acme Company that has maintained the employees and the president. It is also interesting that at long last after reducing their costs, Acme Company was given the contract bearing in mind that they were not effective in coming up with defective memory units.

However, one may urge that they may have maintained zero defects and cut down their unit costs. In addition, initially, the split of the contract between the two companies is an interesting issue as it is expected that Omega which handled the work effectively should have been given the contract. However, its unit cost was high as compared to Acme.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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