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The paper "Hilary Andrews and Mankind" is a great example of a Business assignment. Entrepreneurs have similar traits that characterize them. A major trait that Hilary demonstrates is that of being an innovator. Entrepreneurs are characterized by their drive to continuously come up with new ideas and do improvement to the already existing processes. This drive is what mainly motivates entrepreneurs to get into businesses. For instance, Hilary was innovative in that she was able to come up with the business idea of opening a business for male grooming products.

Her assumption was based on the fact that a great number rarely visited shops, and her business would effectively solve the problem. Another trait that Hillary depicts is being tolerance for ambiguity and risk-taker. Hilary had the ability to endure potential failure and failure. She clearly depicts this in that she was ready to mortgage her house to venture into business. Though she had started other businesses prior to this one, he was also ready to start another one with the determination to succeed. Question 2: other influences detected Another influence that seems to be at work is her family.

Families play a crucial role in motivating entrepreneurs. Hilary came from a family composed of entrepreneurs. While their sister operated a public relations company, her father owned a building and landscaping company. The fact that her sister and father were also self-employed and doing well-motivated her to venture into business. Another influence that is detected is the availability of the business opportunity. When working for a spa industry, men usually came to her asking for advice on products that they could use on their skin.

It was then that she conducted research on the emerging market of skincare products for men. Based on her research the market for male grooming products was growing swiftly, and a great number of them were not used to the idea of visiting the shops. This acted as a motivating factor in setting up a business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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