Essays on Marketing Strategies of Carnival Cruise Lines Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategies of Carnival Cruise Lines" is a good example of a case study on marketing. “ Today’ s Carnival” a label used to underscore the advancements in the brand, is different in form, but not essentially direction, then the Carnival of the past. With an average price of $175 per person per day, today’ s Carnival Cruise Lines pricing continues to lead the other cruise lines in the industry which averages $235. The company’ s executives estimated that only 16% of North Americans had ever taken a cruise, hence a potential and significant market to explore.

As a result, Carnival Cruise Lines continues to direct its marketing efforts at stimulating primary demand through deviating to sea vacationers from sea vacationers. Another strategy that the company used involved placing mirrors in the crew areas near the exit doors, coupled with a sign to “ share a smile. ” This strategy was aimed at reminding the crew to smile whenever they were interacting with the guests; because that is what many people prefer in this century-to feel comfortable and to be recognized. In addition, the company embarked on the customer-loyalty program in the form of a guest-recognition card in 2005.

This was necessary for the crew members to recognize guests for their patronage and to offer more personalized attention which would later change the guest-crew relationship and privileged huge “ psychic income. ” The company is fully focused on the taste and preferences of the customers. In this regard-even, though other factors such as casino gaming, entertainment, night clubs, dining choices, and bars remained constant-the company also adapted to trends, offering karaoke, cigar bars, and even airbrush tattoos. The company has continued to promote its fun image with the biggest media buy in the company’ s history.

The campaign was dubbed “ million way to have fun” and was intended to develop the brand by showcasing product enhancement. In terms of dining, Carnival Cruise Lines adopted the “ Total Choice Dining” which retained the traditional fixed-seating dining in the formal restaurants but offered a choice of four as opposed to two dining times. These strategies have helped Carnival Cruise Lines to prevail in the current competitive industry. Through these strategies, the company has managed to expand its market and customers.

The strategy has attracted a young, middle-class clientele due to its fun ship theme.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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