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14 April 2009Executive Summary The case study illustrates conflict that occurred in a research facility. The research facility, which was sanctioned by Moscow’s Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) was determined to understand the dynamics that were associated with long-term isolation. The organization collaborated with international researchers including. Three international researchers were included one of them been a woman – Judith Lapierre. In addition, there were four Russian astronauts were in a smaller chamber that was next to the international research chamber. Within the period of the research, a conflict occurred which resulted in one of the international research from Japan been replaced by a Russian researcher. During the time of the research, a conflict occurred during the New Year Eve in which two Russian astronauts fought while another Russian astronaut forcefully kissed Lapierre and the following morning the astronaut tried again to kiss Lapierre by force.

The IBMP did not take any measures to bring together and solve the problem. Thus, it resulted in one of the International researcher from Japan been replaced by a Russian researcher and the link between the two chambers was barred.

After the completion of the research, the Russian scientists downplayed the scenario. This case study illustrates conflict in an organization that is diversified and where there is no proper communication line and means to solve the problems/ conflicts. The researchers and IBMP should have devised ways and strategies to control conflicts. Introduction Individuals that are present in an organization present different personalities and approaches towards accomplishment of tasks. Thus, the individual differences within an organization contribute a lot to their behaviour. According to theories and models revolving on human behaviour, there are usually fundamental consistencies that underline the behaviour of all individuals that can easily be identified and modified to reflect the individual differences.

Understanding the individual consistencies is important because they are usually predictable. Therefore, the individuals within an organization should understand behaviours of people within them and devise ways that ensures that conflict does not occur. Moreover, restraining and respecting other persons personality reduces the chances that conflicts can occur. Conflicts are usually inherent but measures should be in place that reduces the chances of conflicts occurring (Robbins, & Judge, 2007).

Individual restrains and difference is evident in the case study resulting in the fight and subsequent forceful kissing. The individuals in the case study come form different cultures and perspectives towards behaviour is also varied. It is important to factor into consideration conflict resolutions in any organization and in the study of organisational behaviour. Each person taking a course in organisational behaviour will have a better hand in the way that they will prevent and solve conflicts in their day-to-day activities. Different people with different personalities usually come together in any organization, thus the large grouping is one factor that may contribute into conflict.

Because of this diversification of employs plus having strategies to prevent and solve conflicts will ensure that the organizational team is focused and aim to achieve the goals and vision of the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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