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The paper "Two-Stage Rendering Procurement " is a great example of management coursework.   Two-stage rendering procurement is a supply method that is primarily used in procurement of goods, services and construction works. The approach differs from other procurement methods as technical and financial proposals are succumbed separately, but one before the other, rather than concurrently. The principal feature in this approach is that compliance takes place in two stages. At the same time, the bidders can help in defining the technical requirement and scope of work. As with other methods, the use of this method must stringently observe the stipulations of the procurement authorized setting. Introduction The two-stage tendering process has been very common in prestigious construction projectsnowadays.

This study scrutinizes the logic for using this approach as well as the apparent paybacks and probable drawbacks. Again, the characteristic and how important they are in the approach. Traditionally, this procurement process employs a methodology where a contractor is selected early in the design and planning process. However, the selection of contractors based on narrow information. The primary objective of this arrangement is to achieve less cost and time.

Following is additional mediation with the contractor only when-comprehensive policy and organization work has been accomplished. In two stage-tendering, early tender is usually attained from some bidders who are chosen on the basis of budget, the framework of design, a range of work and program. Thereby, the bidder with a perfect qualification of the above is granted the tender to supply materials, as well as, construction work. However, before this is granted to the contractor, the site owner must sign an agreement with the contractor.

Violation of this agreement is a subject to prosecution in a court of law. Body of report Case study project My chosen procurement method is the two-staged tendering approach. It will be used in maintenance, repair and construction of VISN 5 Facilities, the system locations are in 5 cities in the United States. The contract has been awarded to BSE builds and design. As discussed above, the approach includes two stages of proposal submissions. That is the technical proposal and the financial proposal which is submitted separately rather than instantaneously. First stage The first stage tender will comprise of particulars like the profit margins, preliminaries cost and other overheads, and also the pre-contract fee.

At the same time, the bidders are invited to submit the partially developed technical proposals. Bidders are supposed to contribute to the work plan and also the methodology to be employed. After the contractors submit the above, the employer or the owner of the site largely access the contractor's experience, resources and also successfully completed tenders as well as responsiveness. A clarification and a discussion follow and the minutes of the meeting are taken and distributed to all the bidders’ .

The results of this meeting are used to conclude the particulars and scope of work. After this, the favored bidder will be known and the two will arrive into pre-contract services settlement. Second stage The second phase is for obtaining bidders who are supposed to submit the technical and financial proposal as demanded Technical proposal will be evaluated first while the financial proposal remains sealed and secured. The technical proposals are evaluated, and the bidder with the best qualification of the technical proposal will be invited to the public to open the financial proposal.

When the financial proposal will be opened, the bidder with the highest score of technical proposal and financial proposal aggregate will be requested for contract negotiation. If the agreement is reached and all the terms of references are concluded, the highest bidder wins the contract. However, if the contract negotiation fails the next highest enterprise is called for the negotiation of the contract.


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