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The paper "Queensland Department of Education and Training" is a great example of a report on human resources. Strategic planning is a fundamental practice and process for modern organizations, governments, and business organizations that would want to not only satisfy the present needs and expectations of its clients but also, improve its sustainable competition as supported by Bensoussan & Fleisher (2008). In addition, improve its quality of service and product delivery, attain anticipated outcomes and survive in turbulent present market environments that are influenced by social, political, cultural, legal, economic, technological, financial, and environmental forces. According to Verardo (1997), strategic plans are meant to develop, allocate and align the resources of an organization, which includes financial resources, capital resources, information, technology, knowledge, material resources, and human resources to achieving set goals and strategies.

In so doing, strategic plans influence human resources. This report will analyze the strategic plans at Queensland Department of Education and Training (QDET) and is so doing highlight what is involved in contextualizing a business strategic plan, establishing human resource implications, and discussing how to develop an HR policy and plan to counter the identified HR implications. Analysis of the Queensland Department of Education and Training’ s Strategic Plan The strategic plan for Queensland Department of Education Training for the year 2010-2014 is meant to help in achieving the main objectives of DET which are to allow access to quality early childhood education and care for all Queensland children and to ensure every young Queenslander is ready to support successful transitions to further education, training, and work (D. E.T. , 2010).

The strategic plan entails incorporation with stakeholders to initiate educational centers that integrate early year services and developing universal access to kindergarten by designing implementation plans in order to address limitations and developing flexible delivery options for small or isolated communities.

In addition, guaranteeing greater incorporation of service delivery responsive to community needs and expectations (D. E.T. , 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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