Essays on Recruitment Process and Learning and Development Assignment

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The paper "Recruitment Process and Learning and Development" is a worthy example of an assignment on human resources. The major objective of the NSW strategic plan is to reduce the crime rate and other related offenses by the year 2012. The NSW strategic plan particularly focuses on reducing the rate of violent crime through the coordination of resources dedicated to reducing such serious crimes. The plan seeks to focus on repeat offenders and crime hotspots, target alcohol, and drug-related offenses, increase response to domestic violence, reduce the rate of organized crimes and bring the offenders to justice using an effective system. The wider internal factors that will result in the implementation of the strategic plan include alignment of internal police organization in order to achieve the common goal.

The other issue is restructuring of the NSW internal organization in order to allocate adequate resources to areas such as violent crimes that need immediate attention from the police force. In order to achieve the strategic plan for the police force, it will be necessary to re-organize the leadership of different departments internally in order to establish a decentralized police system that seeks to address specific offenses in order to improve service delivery to the citizens.

The other implication of the strategic plan internally also includes increased communication system, proper succession plan, the motivation of staff in order to support their dedication and innovativeness in their efforts of reducing crime rates. In terms of technological capability, there is a need to improve reliability, effectiveness integrity accessibility, and the value of information technology in order to enhance the response to crime calls (Lipiec, 2001). The wider external environment implications of this strategic plan will be reduced fear of crimes and thus increasing local community participation with the police force in reducing crime rates in their neighborhood.

The other external implication of the strategic objective is decreased antisocial behavior as a result of rampant crime rates that cause fear. As a result of the decreased rate of crime, community confidence in the police force will be enhanced.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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