Essays on Starbucks's Marketing Mix for Identifying the Core Components of the Company's Marketing Plan Case Study

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The paper “ Stаrbuсks’ s Marketing Mix for Identifying the Core Components of the Company's Marketing Plan”   is a meaty option of case study on marketing. Starbucks Coffee Company is the largest and most successful coffee company globally. The company was established in 1971, and some of its founders are Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. Initially, it majored in coffee products only but it has expanded and currently caters to other refreshment products. The company has approximately 16,858 cafeterias that operate in 50 nations including 12,700 cafes in Canada, UK and United States (Bussing-Burks, 2009). The marketing concept relies on the premises that companies should consider the consumer wants and needs prior to designing products or services.

The marketing mix of Starbucks Coffee Company makes it have a competitive advantage in the industry. The marketing mix clearly defines the major components of the company's marketing plan. Starbucks Coffee Company utilizes the marketing mix as a way of not only developing its image and brand but also popularity. The company further changes its marketing mix regularly to maintain its competitiveness in the local and global markets.

Starbucks Coffee Company has closely followed the 4Ps and grown into the largest coffee restaurant in the world. It strives not only to meet but also to exceed the customers' expectations (Lockyer, 2007). ProductIn the marketing mix, a product is defined as anything that can satisfy the customers' needs. Nonetheless, examining what consumers are purchasing, it remains services whether the means are intangible or tangible. The company focuses on innovating its products so to expand its market. Product as a market mix focuses on what firms offer to their customers. Presently, Starbucks Coffee Company offers the following products Coffee, pastries, tea, smoothies, frappuccino beverages and merchandise such as instant coffee and mugs.

However, the firm is widely known for its product, quality coffee, which is its main product. Starbucks has redefined its business model so as to provide its customers with the best. In case there is an unsatisfied customer, the firm provides another cup of coffee at no cost. The unique trend that the company has adopted is to create a web site that allows customers to request or order for custom drinks, prepare a recipe, and hand it to the Starbuck's barista.

Furthermore, the firm has a mobile phone application that its customers can use to order customized products (Yun-sheng, 2001). In order to build a core product in the coffee industry, Starbucks aims at adapting high standards, providing good services and introducing new products. The company has expanded its product mix to compete favorably. It has focused on introducing new products both in the local and international markets such as VIA flavored coffees. It has also tried to attract tea lovers by introducing unique Tazo tea.

The firm has also focused on identifying the specific needs of its customers by introducing nonfat milk to its consumers. It also has seasonal offerings like cream Frappuccino, and strawberry for summer and gingerbread latte mainly for the Christmas season (Yun-sheng, 2001).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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