Essays on Development of the Strategic Human Resource Plan Coursework

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The paper "Development of the Strategic Human Resource Plan" is a perfect example of human resources coursework.   The identified strategic plan is of the Australian Government department of social services, the four years Strategic Plan is the management plan of the years 2009 – 2013 which is intentioned to provide the foundation for the delivery of quality outcome by guiding in development and responses to emerging issues in a dynamic environment and changing circumstances. The plan provides a blueprint for the department of social services in working with the stakeholders, associated departments, service delivery agencies and the human resource in the department. Analyses of what is involved in contextualising a business Strategic Plan The organization has several priorities that in endeavours to achieve in the four year period of the strategic plan, an important consideration in the plan is that the department of social services operates in a complex environment with diverse customer needs and stakeholder expectations while focusing on offering effective and customized products in a monetarily responsible framework.

This is centred on the purpose of the department which is to provide fundamental coordination position and policy for the offering of services athwart the Human Services Portfolio, moreover, the department harmonizes and catalyses progression on service delivery policies and reform to advance inventive and affordable professional rehabilitation services, child support and communal public health of the Australian citizens. Fostering innovation, creativity and incessant enhancement have been identified and emphasized by the department of social services as the requisite incentives for achieving the stated objectives, furthermore cooperating associating and harmonizing operations with service delivery agencies as well as the state organs are vital recipes for the achievement of the plan. According to the departments’ plan, the department emphasizes on promoting innovation constant improvement and to working across service delivery agencies and the government in entirety. There exists a wide range of factors that affect the department’ s strategic plan that is probable to impact on its human resource needs, a number of these factors are external to the department while some are internal, these include the department's objectives, environmental issues and trends, governance framework, the intentioned direction and the Mission Statement of the department as well as collaboration with associated organizations and institutions as argued by Wiles (22 – 26). The objectives of the department affect its strategic plan and these impacts on the human resource needs, the objectives generally describe the domino effect of the envisioned achievements of the department considering the needs and relevant issues.

The department aims to play a role in the progression of procedures and policies that integrate excellent and pioneering service delivery. In addition, while focusing on decreasing non-compliance and fostering information exchange, the department affords advisory services to government structures on service delivery implementation.

The programs administered by the department such as child support program influences human resource needs of the department, such services include poignant support to separated parents which require human resource with expertise in psychotherapy, hence impacted on the nature of human resource needs in the department. The objectives of the department, therefore, affect its strategic plan and in essence impacts on the human resource needs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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