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Executive SummaryThe report aims at carefully analyzing Airstar Inc. with emphasis placed on the problems that the company is facing from an organizational design perspective, examining the current structure or strategy employed in the organization and also propose recommendations that are to be implemented in the organization for the organization to get back on its course to the extent of having a competitive advantage over its competitors. The report unveils the way the problems experienced in the company are leading to the organization ineffectiveness and in thus doing bringing a lot of chaos and uncertainty in the organization.

The findings of the report also shows that as long as there are problems that are unresolved in the organization, the organization cannot run smoothly and hence the analysis of the problems that Airstar Inc. is facing. The various problems that have been pin pointed in the report include; poor communication, low backlog and lack of performance evaluation and appraisal among other problems which have been highlighted in the report. In addition, the findings have also lead to the realization that the problems being experienced in Airstar Inc.

are the ones contributing to the strategy/structure employed in the organization being ineffective. Therefore, from the above analysis, it is apparent that Airstar Inc. requires change from the management to the junior most employees for some of the problems which are leading to the organizational ineffectiveness for instance lack of clear communication touches on all employees in the organization. Therefore, the following recommendations have been made in the report; Airstar Inc. to implement clear goals, objectives, vision and mission statementsCarefully analyze the industry in light of the entrant of competitors in the industryClear communication channels to be developed and implemented in the organizationDevelop Statements of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) to eliminate overlapping of duties Introduction This report sets out to offer some recommendations to the CEO this will be done by analyzing the key problems in Airstar inc.

that are depicted in the case study from an organizational design perspective. The report will further define the current structure/strategy of Airstar inc. and at the same time offer some arguments as to why the existing organizational structure at Airstar does not seem to work.

The report will further develop a solution based on a new organizational strategy/structure that needs to be implemented in Airstar inc. and develop some key arguments in support for the recommended organizational strategy/structure. Airstar inc. is an organization that deals with overhauling, repair and manufacturing pistons as well as jets engines considerably for smaller aircrafts. Most of the managers have been in the organization for about twenty years. The organization has a wide recognition and values customer loyalty (Daft 2007, pp. 84).

The research for this study will be limited to literature on organizational structure/design. Problems faced by Airstar inc. Unclear organizational design and lack of a strategic direction Airstar inc. as provided in the case study is faced by a number of issues; one of such major issue is the lack of a clear and concise organizational design as well as lack of a clear strategic direction. Airstar seems to lack a concise strategic direction and organizational design. Through a clear and concise organizational design the managers are able to integrate the employees, technology as well as information that are available within the organization in the aim of improving the likelihood that the communal efforts of employees will be successful and will offer benefits to the organizations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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