Essays on Strategic Foresight and Porter's Five Forces Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Foresight and Porter's Five Forces" is a great example of a Management Assignment. Terminal 5 (T5) refers to Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom which is designed to handle 30 million passengers annually. The airport was designed at a cost of ₤4.3 billion in a period of 6 years. When the airport was officially opened in March 2008, it was not a smooth process as expected by most (BBC News 2008). The terminal is one of the key advanced airport terminals globally. According to Krigsman (2007) in a ZDNet article, the technical complexity of the terminal goes in line with the terminal’ s physical size and this took 400, 000 man-hours for software engineers to develop (Heathrow Airport Guide, 2013).

This, therefore, prompts investigators of the case to wonder what could have gone wrong, given that more coding was also set to continue after the installation was made. Krigsman (2007) points out that £ 75m of the aforementioned costs catered for technology, whereas £ 175m was invested in IT system installment. The terminal was supposed to create a telecommunications network for in a small town, particularly for the construction workers.

The problem, therefore, reflects negatively on the company’ s management and questions arise such as if British Airways had a strategic plan. This case study will also focus on the change processes that have to be adopted by the organization. Question 1: Causes, Triggers, and Drivers of the Disastrous Opening day Articles documented by the BBC News and Computer weekly. com blame this problem on combined factors. Though the two companies agree that combined factors played a role in this problem, they have several differences that explain the cause and triggers of this disastrous day. Causes BBC News reports that the cause was mainly from technical glitches, where the sophisticated baggage set up failed despite being designed to handle thousands of bags per hour (Savill and Millward, 2008).

The other causes as reported by BBC News were employee factors. From the news report, the BBC stated that employees had a hard time getting space to park their cars. This shows that the workforce was initially unmotivated and this only means that the productivity levels were down. Employee motivation always presents a problem to most large organizations, but this is the reason why a company like British Airways needs to be keener on employee motivation strategies (BBC News 2013).

Having problems with parking space, immediately an employee arrives at work means that the employee always starts his or her day in a mood. This may seem like a minor issue to the management, but unmotivated employees do not put so much effort in their work and produce poor work or low-quality services. Triggers From the BBC News report, the British Airways company had already identified the problem while in its teething stages.

The employees and passengers had problems when it came to parking space. Time spent while looking for parking space for employees meant that the staff members were also delayed in taking their security screening and the result was a backlog of baggage. A backlog of baggage, on the other hand, meant that flights would be canceled or delayed (Woodman, 2008). Additionally, road signs were also not clear for the passengers, which meant that confusion was inevitable.


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