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In general, the paper "Solution for the Training2work Organization" is a perfect example of a management case study.   The aim of this report is to formulate a solution for the Training2work organization, which is involved in the provision of the training as well as short courses across so many industries. As the senior human resource manager from CQ University’ s people and culture, I was requested by the CEO of the organization to study the dilemma facing the organization, which is actually the main cause of the ineffectiveness and inefficiency in its delivery of services to the customers.

The organization has been involved in a number of ventures all for improving the services offered by the organization. They believe it will increase their student numbers and place them at number one in their region and become the training organization of choice. Training2Work prides itself on their highly skilled workers in each Division. They have very specialized staff dedicated to particular roles, within Training, Marketing and Sales, respectively. All work done in each division must be approved by the Senior Manager of each division, and Senior Managers attribute this type of control to their success. The problems and solutions The organization, according to history as well as the information gathered, has been facing a number of shortcomings, which are the main cause of its decreased performance.

This means that there must be a solution to settle the conflicts like a situation whereby all three managers leave the meeting annoyed and blaming the others. One of the ways of avoiding the same conflict in the future is by having some weekly departmental meeting. The reason for the meeting is to ensure that any issues that have risen will be dealt with during that meeting before they reach the level of conflict.

The organization will set up a new department called public customer care. This department will ensure it receives all complain as well as the suggestions from the customers. By doing that, the organization will be in a position to deal with all the needs of the customers promptly by ensuring the departments involved are informed on what they need to do in good time (Thompson & Martin, 2005). Some of the main shortcomings that I have identified include the poorly developed website of the organization, which provides minimal information about the organization.

The information that is left out is very vital as far as the marketing of the organization’ s services is concerned to the customers. Since the organization has employed very well the 4Ps yet there is a gap, then other ways must be employed to improve the strategy of service marketing because if marketers pay extra attention to all what the consumers need or want then, marketers will definitely make products similar to the ones already in existence.

This is because consumers normally go for the products they know and not for the ones they possibly not know. For example, they might say that they want a smaller phone, but would not ask for one that includes a Palm Pilot or Voice Recognition. It is the marketer’ s job to go beyond what customers say they want. This means that still as they come up with that small phone, they must put other things into consideration like getting a phone that has many and better features.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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