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IntroductionTelecommunication has grown. “It forms a very important part in the Australian economy”. There are many providers. Telstra is a leader in it. Others are Optus, AAPT, Powertel, Hutchison and many more. It contributes to economy. “It makes use of all technology. Telecom service started in 1879. Since, then it has grown. It has over 9.76 million main lines. It has over 21.26 million mobiles user”. (Sina, 2008) This shows the growth. Even the environmental analysis shows how it is affected. It demonstrated the changes in technology. The way government brought about regulation.

The competitors and how the industry sustained. The Australian telecom also had operators from outside. “It makes use of all forms of technology”. The government has deregulated the market. This has intensified competition. Customers benefited as a result. They got better service and cheaper rates for call. Here we see how Telstra has grown over years. “The way it was able to use technology”. The strategy it used. The way it dealt with competition. We also look at the target client. How Telstra shaped up itself. This report also presents how Telstra has done.

The strategy used. It presents a future for it. It also deals how it will use all the factors to its advantage. Environmental AnalysisThis forms a very important task. It helps to find out how the outside factors affect the company. It considers both the micro and macro factors. This helps the company to come with strategy. It helps them grow. Looking at the overall Australian telecommunication we see that it has grown. Australian Telecommunication has been since 1879. It has grown. The number of providers has increased.

This has increased competition. Customers benefit as a result of this. They are able to get better service. The switching cost is low. Each company uses most technology present. This gives customer to choose from a lot of option. The industry has all the stakeholders working together. This makes regulation good. Even supervision improves. Telecom IndustryThe Australian telecom mobile industry looks as follows (Troshani & Hill, 2008)Figure 1Structure of Australian Mobile IndustryHere we see that “to provide good service interaction is needed between demand side and supply side stakeholders and this can be done only when the environmental is well co-regulated by the industry and the stakeholders which include the government and other association”.

(Troshini & Hill, 2008) The Australian industry has this. This has made it more competitive. More providers are looking towards it. Now when we have looked at the industry we look into the other factors which affect this industry. We see how these factors affect the decision making. Some of the factors which affect the providers are shown in the chart below (Samuel, 2001)Figure 2 Environmental Analysis ModelNow we look at the details belowBusiness ModelEvery provider has a different strategy.

Their basic aim is customer satisfaction. This is done by providing good services. Competition has caused nearly everyone doing the same thing. Their model is such that competition has grown. Every provider follows nearly the same. The model seems as follows (Troshini & Hill, 2008)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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