Essays on The Ways Which an Organisation Can Use and Benefit from Off Shoring Report

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The paper "The Ways Which an Organisation Can Use and Benefit from Off Shoring" is a great example of a report on management. Every business unit is looking to increase its area of business and is looking for alternatives to grow. It is important to ensure the growth business uses this opportunity. One such area which provides ample opportunity is offshoring. It presents the organization with a lot of alternatives. It can help to concentrate on important areas and the other can be divulged. While using offshoring it is important that business also looks into the different problems this presents and develop strategies to counter those.

It needs to use the different motivational tools and techniques to ensure that all employees are motivated and work together for a bigger purpose to ensure that growth prevails in the organization and the objective is achieved. The following reports try to present the ways which an organization can use and benefit from offshoring. Off Shoring Offshoring is “ relocation of the companies business process to another country where the company shifts there production, manufacturing, operation, and accounting process” .

(Stevens & Shi, 2009) The company looks to relocate to other locations to ensure that cost and production improves. Offshoring does help to solve the problem to a certain extent but doesn’ t always benefit the organization. It depends on the strategy and usage adopted by the business units. Still, we see that business units have been following the principle of offshoring and ensuring that growth pertains to the business units. Offshoring thereby “ looks at substituting foreign labor instead of the domestic ones” . (Penter & Pervan, 2009) This ensures that growth for the business unit is ascertained and the cost is controlled. History The history of offshoring dates back to the 1950s.

This all started with the decolonization of Asia and Africa. It prompted companies to shift their production houses to other countries. This was further given a boost by development in information technology. “ Improvement in telecommunication, transportation and better means to protect goods and services” (Penter & Pervan, 2009) ensured that the growth and development in offshoring go beyond the stated limits.


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