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The paper “ A Diversity Policy at Briggs” is a motivating example of the case study on human resources. As an assistant human resource manager at Briggs for over a considerable period now, my experiences and insights here and elsewhere in the industry have prompted me to formulate a study in a much-needed direction of innovation in the Human Resource practices and policies within the company. A strong need was felt to study the organizational structure and human resource pool to acquire an in-depth understanding into the probability of beneficial outcomes of incorporating diverse cultures, age groups and discretion practicing workforce towards betterment in operations, employee satisfaction, and enhancing the corporate image in the masses through such endeavors which may although at first glance seem to give rise to discourses and not-so-pleasant interactions at times but surely improve the beneficial aspects of inviting diversity in the work culture at Briggs, the departmental chain. Britain, as any other part of the world, is changing, globalization is the keyword.

And not to be far behind, Briggs is also expanding to new frontiers and taking its operations and culture to Eastern European countries for the very first time.

As being responsible for the management and development of human resource at Briggs, it falls upon me to raise certain issues which might be relevant and important in the scenario. Elsewhere and here in Britain, due to various reasons of reduced travel times, accessibility, changing mindsets and adventurism have brought in as a result of invasions, expansions, commonwealth and simply a desire to explore English waters, we suddenly see an amalgamation of various nationals, people with diverse cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.

These factors are defining our cultural identities, heritage and no doubt adding value to present day Britain. I believe, as a service corporation, the Briggs should start reflecting more the diversity of the UK people in its workforce, as well as in its public image. It is strongly recommended to be inclusive of the differences that make up the reality of modern Britain, including gender, age, ethnicity and cultural diversity, people with disabilities, different faiths and social backgrounds, and different sexual orientations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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